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A good hair day is a good day. Most often, our mood for an entire day depends on how on-point our hair is. Confidence is a given on an amazing hair day. But it is also normal to feel like you just want to stay in your room and never leave it when your hair just won’t stay proper. It is okay to experience the latter once in a while. But what happens when every day is a bad hair day? Sometimes you start experiencing hair fall and thinning to such an extent that your scalp starts being visible. Fixing the problem instantly with a hair straightener or hair gel is not possible in situations like these. For a more serious hair problem like having a receding hairline, your solution also needs to be more permanent and effective, like the use of Ayurvedic hair care solutions.

In this blog, we step into how you can fix a receding hairline with Ayurvedic hair care solutions. But before that, let us look into what exactly it is and how it is caused.

What Is A Receding Hairline?

A receding hairline is thinning of hair gradually where the scalp becomes more visible. Men are more prone to a receding hairline even though women can also experience it. It affects parts of your scalp, leaving bald spots. 

Men usually see hair loss patterns from the temples. It can then spread to the top and back of the head. Women rarely have a receding hairline. Instead, they face hair thinning. The usual signs are a widening parting line and thinning of hair in general.

Causes Of A Receding Hairline

There are many reasons that can cause a receding hairline in both men and women. Here are the top 8 reasons why you can face a receding hairline.


A traumatic event, life-altering situation, death of a close one, etc are situations that can cause high stress. A great deal of stress pushes the hair follicles into the resting phase. This slows down hair growth and increases hair loss. But you’d be happy to know that there are Ayurvedic hair care solutions and ingredients that will help you manage stress.

Hormonal changes:

The cause of imbalance in hormones is many. Thyroid problems, pregnancy, menopause, stress, and more can cause a direct effect on hair growth.


Kids can expect the same when their parents have male pattern baldness. This is because depending on your family history of baldness, you can also face the same. Receding hairline due to genetics may be inevitable. However, there are Ayurvedic hair care solutions that can help control and even delay it.

Medical conditions:

Many medical conditions like heart problems, mental health conditions, diabetes, hypertension, etc can affect hair growth. Ayurvedic hair care solutions like using herbal hair oil can help to an extent. However, it is important to treat the condition.


The toxins in cigarettes shrink the blood vessels. This harms the hair follicles. Certain ingredients can target fixing the damage caused to hair follicles. These ingredients are usually found in Ayurvedic products.

Hair Treatments:

High heat used regularly on the hair can cause significant damage to it. It strips the hair of natural oils and moisture. Even pollution, harsh chemical treatments, and more can affect hair growth. This is why deep nourishment with Ayurvedic hair care solutions like using herbal hair oil, Ayurvedic hair conditioner, shampoo, etc. is highly important. It helps tackle everyday damage.

Poor diet:

Most of the nutrients that our hair requires for healthy growth come from our diet. Hence, if your diet does not have the right amount of nutrients, it will affect your hair growth. Ayurvedic hair care also includes the intake of personalised, natural hair supplements. This ensures that you get your daily dose of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, etc.

To tackle these causes of a receding hairline, you need a solution that is effective and one that does not harm your hair any further. Ayurvedic hair care dictates many such solutions. It focuses on providing effective results and tackling the root cause of a receding hairline. These Ayurvedic hair care solutions are much more efficient and offer permanent results than any other option.

Ayurvedic Hair Care Solutions

If you are facing a receding hairline, try these 5 Ayurvedic hair care solutions. They ensure visible results that are beneficial for your hair health.

Ayurvedic herbal hair oil:

Herbal hair oil has been known for its magical ability to offer highly effective results to all hair problems. It has the ability to target specific hair problems. Ingredients like onion, bringaraj, Brahmi, aloe vera, hibiscus, amla, etc that are commonly used in herbal hair oil and other Ayurvedic hair care solutions are known to improve hair growth and tackle hair thinning. When these ingredients are mixed in a unique formulation, you can get the combined benefits from all these ingredients used in the herbal hair oil and provide your hair with intense nourishment. The Tru Hair Herbal Hair Oil is one of the Ayurvedic hair care solutions that contains a blend of 13 rare herbs for the best results. This herbal hair oil has the ability to tackle the root cause of your hair problems so that the results are optimum and permanent. The Tru Hair Herbal Hair Oil is clinically proven by KLE in controlling hair fall and promoting hair growth.

Hot oil massage:

Using herbal hair oil is one of the best hair care solutions. They are highly beneficial in improving a receding hairline. But you can enhance the results by warming the oil. When the herbal hair oil is heated to an optimum temperature, it is able to penetrate deep into the scalp. This allows the nutrients to penetrate properly. Massaging the herbal hair oil also improves blood circulation in the scalp which is known to boost hair growth. While a hot oil treatment is one of the most beneficial Ayurvedic hair care solutions, the downside is that it can often be a hassle to heat the oil without burning it and to its optimum temperature. However, there is an oil heater from Tru Hair available that allows you to heat the oil to an optimum temperature of 65 degrees in around 4 minutes. Its auto cut-off technology helps you be worry-free of burning the oil. It automatically turns off after reaching the ideal temperature.

Ayurvedic hair care mask:

A hair mask is an Ayurvedic hair care product made with a blend of ingredients that are commonly found in our kitchen or garden. You can make your own hair mask by blending ingredients like onion, amla, hibiscus, coconut oil, aloe vera, etc. Or you can choose to buy an over-the-counter hair mask made with Ayurvedic hair growth ingredients. Use this hair mask twice a month to see visible results and better hair growth.

Ayurvedic hair conditioner & shampoo:

Shampoo and conditioner are two basic products that most of us have in our hair care routine. However, most over-the-counter shampoos and conditioners have harmful chemicals. They cause long-term damage to the hair. This is why it is important to choose the best Ayurvedic shampoo and Ayurvedic hair conditioner that are made with Ayurvedic hair care ingredients. It shouldn’t contain any harmful chemicals like LLP, Parabens, Sulphates, etc. When choosing the best Ayurvedic shampoo, you can choose based on your specific hair problems. For example, if you are facing stubborn dandruff, choose an Ayurvedic anti-dandruff shampoo specifically. Similarly, you can choose an Ayurvedic hair conditioner as well to enhance the results.

Diet changes:

As mentioned, diet is also a part of Ayurvedic hair care. It plays an important role in ensuring that your hair gets its daily dose of nutrients. Ensure that your diet contains fruits and vegetables that provide you with enough proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, etc. You can also opt to take Personalised Ayurvedic hair care supplements. They are designed to improve your hair health. Tru Hair offers a personalised hair supplement that is made based on the nutrients you lack and need for better hair growth.

Summarising Ayurvedic Hair Care Solutions

Ayurvedic hair care solutions have been used since ancient times to tackle different kinds of hair problems. The ingredients used in Ayurvedic hair care products like herbal hair oil, Ayurvedic hair conditioner, shampoo, serum, etc. are proven to improve hair conditions by providing the right amount of nutrients and inducing hair growth. 

To fit this ancient Ayurvedic hair care practice into the modern world, Tru Hair offers advanced solutions. These solutions are ideal for the modern person who is in need of effective Ayurvedic hair care solutions. Ayurvedic herbs make Tru Hair’s range of products. These products are also free from harmful chemicals like LLP, Parabens, Sulphates, and more. Experience real Ayurvedic hair care with Tru Hair.

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Dr. Tambe (Ayurvedic Practioner)

Dr. Tambe is an Ayurvedic Consultant, practicing in Satara City, Maharashtra for the last 45 years.He comes from a long line of Ayurvedic doctors. His grandfather and father were both Vaidyas, therefore he wanted to continue the family legacy.This year, his family will celebrate 100 years of Ayurvedic service

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