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Herbal hair oils are currently in high demand. These hair oils are natural oil products that possess some significant properties that help treat hair problems like falling out, dry and flaky scalp, and thinning of hair. Herbal hair oils have become a popular choice for their added advantages. The herbal hair oils moisturise the hair and have many other promising benefits.

The benefits include hair growth, promoting blood circulation in the scalp, adding volume to the hair and helping in preventing severe dandruff and dry scalp. Thus, the benefits of Herbal hair oil for hair care are very helpful in nourishing damaged hair which boosts healthy, voluminous hair.

Let us now discuss some of the Herbal hair oils that help nourish the hair and come packed with beneficial ingredients. Herbal oil benefits for hair are diverse and highly promising.

5 benefits of hair care oil

Herbal Hair Oils for Hair Care

The following are some of the oils you can easily make at home with the help of natural ingredients. Using these regularly, you will experience the immense Herbal oil benefits for hair.

  • Lime and Gingili oil
    To make the Lime and Gingili oil at home, you will need 500 gms of Gingili oil and the juice of 1 whole lime. Firstly, take the oil in a pan and heat it till it froths. Next, remove the pan from the stove and gradually add the strained lime juice to the hot oil. Finally, the oil is ready for straining, and you can use it every day to get luscious hair.
  • Bottle Gourd and Coconut Oil
    For making Bottle Gourd and Coconut oil, the key ingredients are 250 gms of Coconut oil and 250 gms of Bottle Gourd juice. Firstly, heat the coconut oil in a pan and gradually add the vegetable juice. Then boil the oil till all the water from the juice evaporates. After cooling down the oil, it is ready to use. Gently massage the oil on the scalp from the roots to the tips. It gives some of the best Herbal hair oil benefits.
  • Coconut oil with Pepper
    Use 1 cup of Coconut oil, 1 teaspoon of rice grains and 1 teaspoon of peppercorns. Start heating the pan and mix all the ingredients. Boil the oil till the rice grains turn brown, and then remove it and let it cool. Lastly, strain the oil and warm it up before using it every day.
  • Castor oil and Gingili
    The Castor oil and Gingili blended oil have intense benefits of Herbal hair oil for hair care. You can make this oil with 1 cup of Gingili oil, 1cup of Castor oil and 1 cup of Sprig curry leaves. Mix all three ingredients and boil them well. After vigorous boiling, cool it down and strain it into a bottle. The oil is then ready to use, which you can preferably warm before every massage session.
  • Rosemary oil with olive oil
    Making rosemary oil with olive oil is very simple. You will have to mix 2 teaspoons of olive oil and 4 drops of rosemary oil and keep it in a tight lid glass jar. Before using the oil, you will have to warm the glass jar containing the oil by placing it in a hot bowl of water. Thus, the oil is warm and ready for using it to massage all over the scalp.
  • Amla Oil
    The main ingredient for making this oil is buying fresh amla from the market. You can use dried amla as well. Grate or blend 1 cup of dried amla. Extract the juice out of it. You can extract the juice of the amla fruits by squeezing & straining them through a sieve over a bowl. Further, measure 1 tablespoon of oil. You can use extra virgin oils like coconut, olive, and sesame to make the base. Add the extracted juice to it. Keep it in a bottle in a cool place and apply it to your hair.
  • Lavender oil with olive oil
    The ingredients of this oil include a half cup of olive oil and 12-14 drops of lavender oil. Pour the oil mixture into a pan and heat it on low flame. After this, cool the oil down and warm it before every use. The oil nourishes and brings voluminous and healthy hair back to life.
  • Essential oils and Jojoba oil
    When making essential oils and jojoba oil, firstly, you will have to mix 1 teaspoon of jojoba oil and 3 drops of essential oils in a small bowl. Then pour into a pan and heat it until it becomes a thinner liquid. Finally, cool down the oil and use it generously in your hair.
  • Castor oil and Almond oil
    Use 5 drops of each Castor and Almond oil, pour the mixture into a pan, and heat it well on a low flame. Next, cool it down, and you will get one of the most effective homemade herbal oil. You can go for a Castor oil and Almond oil massage weekly or daily, depending on the condition of the hair.

What are the herbal ingredients used?

The Herbal oil ingredients are truly natural and authentic. The major ingredients are Hibiscus flowers, Neem leaves, Curry leaves, Onions, Fenugreek seeds, Aloe vera, Bhringaraja, and Coconut oil. These ingredients help make herbal oils that you can also use to make the oil at home. Alongside this, many other oils like olive oil, sesame oil, Black seed oil, Castor oil and Jojoba oils mixed with herbal powders of Amla, Musta, etc., come to use.

Benefits of using Ayurvedic herbal hair ( Herbal hair oil for hair growth)

The significant benefits of ayurvedic hair oils are that it helps prevent hair problems like coarse hair, premature greying, dry scalp, and untimely hair fall. The regular use of ayurvedic oil helps nullify these hair problems in the long run. A key ingredient of ayurvedic hair oils is neem which comes with anti-microbial, immunity-boosting and regeneration properties actively helping in fighting baldness, improving hair growth and promoting a healthy scalp. These oils help prevent lice, smoothen and revitalise the hair, and ultimately offer a thicker, shinier, and longer hair. It also helps in protecting the hair from harmful UV rays.

What oil should you use?

When choosing oils for your hair, it is vital to check the back label, which will help you decode the ingredients it has! Oiling hair is crucial to keep the good health of your hair. it revitalises the roots and hair follicles that makes it more nourished.

For example- Added fragrance means added chemicals and any oil which has chemicals is a big No. For this, one must go with herbal oils as these oils come packed with the benefits of Herbal hair oil for hair care. These oils are extracts from herbs and plant sources. They are a combination of nutrients, antioxidants, bioactive components and biostimulants, which are highly effective in hair growth, revitalisation, prevention of dandruff, and thickening and nourishing the hair. The Herbal hair oil benefits are long-lasting that keeps your hair healthy, shiny and strong.

What are the benefits of coconut hair oil?

Coconut hair oil comes with immense benefits. Some of its significant benefits are that it adds moisture, prevents breakage, protects from protein loss and environmental pollution, prevents UV ray damage, reduces dandruff, and fights hair loss. Thus, it promotes healthy hair growth and nourishment when used regularly.

Onion Hair Oil And Shampoo

What are the benefits of onion hair oil? 

The use of Onion hair oil boosts intense hair growth. The oil comes with magical benefits when used following a routine regularly. Its top benefits are that onion hair oil helps treat and dandruff. As it is rich in sulphur, the oil prevents breakage, split ends, and hair thinning. It also helps fight premature greying and regulates the pH levels and oxidation of the hair.

What are the benefits of castor oil?

Castor oil is also a widely favoured oil for its promising benefits. The oil provides hydration and moisturises both the hair and the scalp. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties, boosts hair growth, and is highly rich in vitamin E. Overall, it promotes hair growth and offers healthier and shinier hair.

coconut hair oil

Coconut oils vs castor oil vs Onion oil

All three oils come with excellent benefits. Though coconut oil and castor oil are both famous for hair growth, it is castor oil that beauty experts highly favour. Onion oil expertly prevents split end and dandruff. Further, the nourishment and moisture that coconut oil offers are incomparable. All three oils are very beneficial and can often be used in alternative intervals to get the best results.

1: Is herbal oil good for hair?

Herbal oil ingredients are rich in vitamins and macronutrients, which act as a good hair food source. These oils help nourish the hair and make it strong and shiny, and it prevents dryness and frizziness, rejuvenating the hair with its nutrients.

2: What is better to use, hair serum or hair oil?

The hair serum is a styling product which adds shine and removes the frizziness of the hair. In contrast, hair oils keep the hair nourished and enhance the hair’s health. Thus, these two products have diverse usages that are hard to compare.

To conclude, the benefits of Herbal hair oil for hair care are truly unbelievable. If you can use herbal oils regularly, you can also enjoy long-lasting healthy, shiny, smooth and voluminous hair. More than a dozen studies have demonstrated the potential benefits of hair oiling. Using these above-mentioned herbal-made hair oil will benefit your hair from the roots to its tip.


Which is the best herbal oil for hair?

Tru hair’s Ayurvedic hair oil is the best herbal hair oil at present. It’s 100% natural and comes with a free oil heater which makes hot oil treatment easy. Additionally it is also clinically proven by KLE to promote hair growth and reduce hair fall.

Is herbal oil good for your hair?

Yes, herbal oil is good for your hair. But you need to ensure that it is 100% natural and contains right ingredients which suits your scalp and hair. In case you are not aware about the same, please check our free hair analysis which is developed by Ayurvedic doctors. It’ll help you identify the same so you can get faster and better results.

Which homemade oil is best for hair?

Any oil which does not contain mineral oils and harmful chemicals, is good for you. Provided that it contains right ingredients which suits your hair and scalp. If yes, then you are good to go! It’s not that big of a task to made a homemade hair oil.

Which herbal oil is best for hair growth and thickness?

Tru hair’s Ayurvedic hair oil and onion hair oil with heater is the best herbal oil for hair growth and thickness in India. The heater is a patented technology and you can only get it from Tru hair.

Heater helps heat the oil to the optimum temperature of around 65 degrees in about 4 minutes. It has an auto-cut-off technology so you don’t have to worry about overheating and destroying the benefits of the ingredients. Hot oil therapy is an age old technique to promote hair growth and get thicker hair. Just ensure that you are using a hair oil which has right ingredients for your hair.

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