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How To Heat Hair Oil And Get A Hot Oil Massage At Home

Every high-end salon has some kind of expensive hot oil massage for hair that they recommend for restoring your hair’s health. However, why spend a fortune on something you could easily do at home and even get better results? Doing DIY hair treatments at home is not only about helping treat a hair issue anymore. […]

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Which Hair Oil is the Best for Healthy Hair ?

‘Oiling the hair’ is a beautiful and ancient practice that’s been handed down to us from generations. Our great grandmothers depended on nothing but natural oils for long, lustrous hair. They added various natural ingredients to enhance the quality of the oil, from fenugreek seeds to curry leaves and even onions, and well, their hair […]

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Must Try Hair Packs For Hair Growth At Home

Having a shower drain full of hair or a comb covered with damaged hair is an alarming sight. The reason for hair fall can differ from person to person. From using the wrong shampoo to over-styling and even not drinking enough water could all be reasons for your reduced hair growth.  When you notice that […]

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