Many things that we know about hair and what helps it grow come from what we have been told since childhood or from someone on the internet. For most of us, if this piece of information came from someone we look up to and trust, it makes it all the more difficult for us to snap out of it. But holding on to that kind of blind belief based on wrong information is often what stops us from having a healthy flowing mane. 

To have good hair growth, it is imperative that you let go of these myths. It is always harder to stop doing something that has become a habit but remember that you need to do it if you want to say #goodhairday on all your Instagram pictures. 

We have curated a list of 11 of the most commonly believed and followed myths about hair growth.

Take a look at it and take your first step towards healthier hair.

Myth #1: Even the littlest amount of hair fall means something is wrong

None of us likes seeing that bunch of hair on the comb and shower drain. It makes us feel panicked, anxious and wonder if we are balding. However, before you have a full-blown panic attack, know that losing 50-100 strands of hair a day is normal. 

Our hair cycle has 4 different stages. Out of the 4, the shedding stage or exogen is responsible for the strands on hair that you see on the comb. At any given time, a small percentage of our hair is in this phase which means that you will see a normal amount of hair fall every day. You only have to think about visiting a dermatologist or trichologist if you regularly see more than 50-100 strands of hair falling. 

Myth #2: The more products you use, the more hair growth you see

Using hair care products is necessary for a healthy scalp. However, there is a limit to how much your hair can take. Using regular products like a chemical-free herbal shampoo and conditioner for hair fall is normal and recommended. When you start using other products like serums, masks, etc. it may be too much for your hair to handle. Don’t get us wrong! Know that those extra products can also be highly beneficial for the hair if used the right way. 

If you have specific hair problems, you should make use of serums and warm oil but use them at the right time with a good interval period for your hair to take its time in absorbing and utilising all the ingredients. Do realise that no matter how many products you use, there is a limit to how much hair can grow in a month and no product will help you exceed that limit.

Myth #3: You have to use a conditioner from the root to the tip

Conditioner is meant for the length of the hair, not the scalp! A conditioner is typically used to moisturise the length of the hair. Our scalp moisturises itself by producing natural oils. Hence, if we use a conditioner on the scalp, it can often end up weighing down the hair. This will end up making your hair lose its bounce and body.

Myth #4: Keeping the conditioner on the hair for a long time makes it softer

If you have a habit of keeping the conditioner on the scalp for longer than it says you should on the bottle, it might be causing your hair more damage than you realise. Leaving it on for a longer time can clog your pores. It can increase hair breakage and increase hair fall. It can even attract dust and dirt. Unless and until the product is an overnight conditioner, do not leave it on the hair for longer than recommended.

Myth #5: Everyday stress can affect hair growth

We have heard a lot of people tell others that the reason why they are losing hair is because of work stress. However, the chances of you losing hair over the everyday stress are highly unlikely. Mental health does affect our hair growth. But for it to change the way your hair grows, the stress has to be severe and traumatic. 

Myth #6: Cutting the hair regularly will increase hair growth

Hair grows from the roots and not the ends. After a haircut, the hair looks fuller and healthier. However, this does not mean that you should stop cutting your hair. Cutting the hair is necessary, especially if you have split ends. Also, who doesn’t like experimenting a little with the different haircuts and lengths?

Myth #7: Avoid brushing the hair every day to decrease hair fall

We see hair fall the most when we comb the hair to detangle it. Because of this, most of us have the habit of putting off combing the hair, just so that we don’t have to witness the hair fall. However, as mentioned before, your hair will fall out every day, irrespective of you combing it or not. Hence, if you don’t comb the hair every day, you will see more hair fall when you eventually decide to brush it. Combing every day also has other benefits like helping improve blood circulation and distributing the natural oils that are concentrated on the scalp to the lengths of the hair.

Myth #8: If you don’t wash your hair every day, it becomes dirty

Our hair does not need to be washed every day, unless you indulge in activities like working out, playing sports, and others that have you in a sweaty mess by the end of the day. Hence, stick to washing your hair just once or twice a week. You can also reduce or increase the number of times you wash your hair based on how much oil your scalp produces. Even if you have to wash the hair every day, make sure you use a mild shampoo for hair fall or a chemical-free herbal shampoo that does not damage the hair.

Myth #9: Plucking a grey hair will grow two in its place

Plucking grey hair will not grow two in its place. Plucking grey hair will also not grow a black one instead. Though the practice does not grow more greys, it does not mean that you do that as it damages your hair follicles, which affects hair growth and health.

Myth #10: Split ends can be repaired

Split ends cannot be repaired, no matter what you do. Bring us the best, most expensive product in the world and you still won’t be able to fix an existing split end. The only practice to get rid of a split end is by cutting it off. If you are looking for a way to hide it temporarily, try applying a little oil to the ends of the hair.

Myth #11: Using hair oil increases dandruff

Dandruff is caused by excess dirt, pollution, product build-up, dryness, fungal infection, etc. Oiling the hair is definitely not one of the causes of dandruff. In fact, using warm oil on the hair with certain Ayurvedic ingredients can actually help in reducing and treating dandruff.

These myths are believed by most of us. However, it is high time we start unlearning, in order to have good hair growth. In addition to unlearning, it is also important to use the right kind of hair products for hair growth.

Tru Hair has a range of hair products that help in hair growth. With the goodness of multiple Ayurvedic ingredients, the products of Tru Hair supply nutrients your hair lacks and give it the extra boost for hair growth. Make it a point to use chemical-free herbal shampoo, conditioner and organic oil for hair growth to see a significant change in hair growth. You can also take the 3-factor hair analysis offered by Tru Hair to get your own personalised hair care products.

 Reviewed By

Dr. Tambe (Ayurvedic Practioner)

Dr. Tambe is an Ayurvedic Consultant, practicing in Satara City, Maharashtra for the last 45 years.He comes from a long line of Ayurvedic doctors. His grandfather and father were both Vaidyas, therefore he wanted to continue the family legacy.This year, his family will celebrate 100 years of Ayurvedic service

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