Hair loss is a constant cause of stress and worries at all ages. If it occurs during your teen years, it is all the more problematic because of all the existing chaos, confusion, and changes you are going through. Since you have enough on your plate to deal with during your teenage days, we are here to make hair loss easier for you to deal with.

The first step to finding how to control hair fall is to figure out what exactly is causing it in the first place. Hair loss could happen due to a lot of reasons that stem from unhealthy practices to hereditary diseases that aren’t in your control. But worry not, as most of these causes are treatable.

5 Reasons For Hair Loss In Teenagers

Out of the many potential reasons for hair loss, here are the top 5 that are noticed in teenagers:

  1. Genetics: If some of the males in your family are bald, then you know you are a potential victim to male-pattern baldness too. Though male-pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia is seen in older males, it can start from the teen years. Be on the lookout for a receding hairline or hair thinning near the crown. If they are detected at an early stage, they can be treated to an extent. For females, a receding hairline or thinning near the crown may not be the sign to look for. Females usually see an overall thinning of the hair.
  2. Nutritional Deficiency: During your teenage years, indulgence in fast food, processed food and other unhealthy food habits is usually at an all-time high. A poor diet can majorly affect your hair growth. Hair needs sufficient nutrients for it to stay healthy. Not eating enough, or following random diets that are not the best for you to attain a type of body often results in poor nutrition. Keep an eye on the food you eat and make sure that you get all the necessary nutrients.
  3. Stress: As mentioned, all the changes that you go through, both physically and emotionally, are bound to increase stress. Apart from the stress for the changes of puberty, factors like school, friends, sports, and more can also be a contributing factor to the stress. A high level of stress leads to skin breakouts and excess hair fall.
  4. Traction Alopecia: During your teenage years, you are bound to start experimenting with the latest hairstyles and also indulge in the use of hair styling products that are often harmful. When you are trying out new hairstyles, products or appliances, make sure that they aren’t harsh on your hair. Tight ponytails, braids, buns, rough handling, etc. can result in hair fall. Even choosing the wrong hair products, salon treatments, colouring, etc. will also cause damage to your hair.
  5. Alopecia Areata: This autoimmune disease makes your immune system attack your hair follicles. If you see huge clumps of hair or bald patches, chances are you have alopecia areata.

Once you have identified the reason why you are experiencing hair loss, it is time to find the appropriate treatment for it.

5 Remedies Of Hair Loss In Teenagers

Not knowing how to control hair fall can lead to all the more stress and worry in your teenage days. Here are 5 things you can do to stop hair loss.

  1. Talk to a medical professional: We highly recommend taking a trip to the doctor’s office so that you can get yourself checked for any diseases that may be causing hair loss. Make sure to mention all the medications that you are on. If you are taking any antibiotics or medicines for mental health problems, these medicines can have side effects that affect the growth of the hair. 
  2. Be careful of how you treat your hair: Since you are probably using many hair products and trying out different hairstyles, it is always better to take a better look at them before you use them. Use hair products that are free from harmful chemicals, LLP, parabens, sulphates, etc. Use organic hair oil and give yourself a hot oil massage for hair growth once a week. Go easy on the heat styling appliances as constant heat can damage your hair. When you colour your hair, choose products that are less likely to cause permanent damage. Be very gentle to your hair when combing, drying, and tying.
  3. Tackle stress: Going through puberty is indeed a stressful experience. A parent can make things a lot easier for their teenage child. Reach out to your parents for help. Communicate the problems you are facing and let them guide you. Choose friends who want to see you grow and heal. Surround yourself in an environment that is positive. You can also practice meditation, yoga or even opt for therapy.
  4. Focus on the food you intake: Your hair needs proper nutrients for it to grow. Ensure that your diet consists of the right amount of proteins, healthy fats, carbohydrates, etc. If you are a teenager who is active in sports and other physical activities, you will need more calories than others who are not. You can also take supplements to give your hair all the nutrients it needs.
  5. Look for hacks and tips: The thing with hair loss during teen years is that they are most often not permanent. Hence, look for tips like the use of hair extensions, bald spot covering spray/powder, hairstyles that make your hair look fuller, etc. There is no shame in opting for these temporary hacks. They will help you get through this stressful situation while you figure out how to control hair fall permanently.

Hair loss is no laughable matter, especially for teenagers. At the time when you are making new friends, finding your social group, and coping through all the physical and hormonal changes, and added factor-like hair loss could be overwhelming. It can even affect your social life due to embarrassment. 

However, having a solution-based approach to such problems during teenage will help in tackling the problem in a much better way. Tell yourself that is it common for people your age to have hair loss. Most of the causes of hair loss in teenagers can be fully treated and hence there is no reason why you should be embarrassed by it or let it affect your personal life.

One of the best practices you can follow is in the form of preventive measures. Start taking care of your hair even before the first sign of hair loss. Limit practices that you know will harm your hair. Always buy hair products that help your hair grow with the help of natural ingredients. Find a toxic-chemical free shampoo for hair fall or hair oil for dandruff and hair fall that can be beneficial.

The Tru Hair range of products like organic hair oil, shampoo for hair fall, protein serum for hair, etc is made with rare Ayurvedic ingredients that have been tried and tested. These ingredients will help in tackling the problems and improve hair texture while also protecting your hair from further damage. All the Tru Hair products are free from LLP, parabens, sulphates and other harmful chemicals, making it the safest choice for a teenager to put their trust in.

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Dr. Tambe (Ayurvedic Practioner)

Dr. Tambe is an Ayurvedic Consultant, practicing in Satara City, Maharashtra for the last 45 years.He comes from a long line of Ayurvedic doctors. His grandfather and father were both Vaidyas, therefore he wanted to continue the family legacy.This year, his family will celebrate 100 years of Ayurvedic service

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