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Enjoy the Benefits of Ayurveda Through Heating


Ayurveda or Ayurvedic Medicine literally translates into ‘Knowledge of Life’. It is a healthy lifestyle choice and has been coming down since ages. Ayurveda emphasizes on good health and treatments of various health issues. As per Ayurveda, the five elements of nature (fire, air, water, earth and space) exist in the body as three doshas, which are Vatta, Pitta and Kapha. These doshas are closely related to specific functions of the body. To maintain good health, it is absolutely necessary for these doshas to be balanced at all times. Any excess of these doshas will affect the body’s functioning and will throw it off balance. The side effects, however, are mostly seen on the hair. 


Hair Oiling helps in regaining the health of your hair. The hair oiling process has proved to be beneficial over and over again over a period of time. Oiling the hair helps extract any excess doshas that accumulate in the head, restoring the doshas. Hair oiling has other benefits as well and to enjoy and get the best results you should heat the oil before massaging it on your scalp. Applying warm oil to the hair is proved to be most effective. Keep reading to know about the benefits of Ayurveda with Tru Hair oil with heater

Increases Blood Circulation: Warm oil is known to increase the blood flow in the scalp promoting healthier hair. Hence, to get the best results from this, massage warm oil on your scalp in small circular motions and keep it on for an hour or two before you wash it off. This regime combats hair fall and helps in hair growth. 


Reduces Hair Fall: Oil is the nourishment agent your hair requires from time to time. Massaging your hair with warm oil further nourishes the hair. It opens up the pores and helps the hair absorb the oil better. This strengthens the hair, hence, reducing hair fall. TRU HAIR oil moisturises the hair and seals the follicle ends, preventing split ends and boosts hair growth.


Fights Dandruff: There is nothing that the age-old ayurvedic treatment of oiling your hair cannot do. Dandruff can make your scalp itchy and at times it gets unbearable. Take a few drops of warm oil and massage it on to your scalp. Divide your hair into sections and apply the warm oil on each section generously. Do this once or twice a week before heading into the shower. It will reduce dandruff and itchiness.


Controls Frizz: Surprised to see this on the list? Yes, hot oil treatments also help in controlling the frizz. The primary cause of frizz is dryness and damage. When the hair is dehydrated it becomes dry and frizzy and the best way to control the frizz is warm oil. The warm oil moisturises the hair, controlling the frizz and bringing it back to life.


Adds Shine: Craving for that shiny and lustrous hair? Oiling your hair with warm oil regularly protects your hair from within. Leaving in the oil for an hour or two further nourishes the hair and moisturizes it, preventing it from becoming dry and making it shiny.

This time you think of washing your hair, apply warm oil 2 hours before you step into the shower. Ayurveda has succeeded in solving various hair problems. However, to receive the benefits of the hair oil you should warm the oil. TRU HAIR oil made the process of heating the oil absolutely simple. Just pour the oil in the TRU HEATER and plug it in and wait for it to cut-off once it reaches 65 degrees, which is the exact temperature that will provide you with the best results. Now massage it gently on your scalp and watch all your hair issues come to an end.

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