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It’s the season of sweaters, shawls and staying indoors. Of course, winters have a certain charm but they also bring up hair issues for most people! Everyone knows that a harsh winter can make hair very dry and brittle. The air saps any little moisture there is from our skin and hair leaving it dull and lifeless. If you too are suffering from hair issues that are brought on by the season, we are here to tell you why you should get your hands on the best tea tree shampoo ASAP!

Dandruff, increased hair fall and hair breakage become all too common during winter.  If you are one of those people suffering from this nightmare, don’t worry. We’re here to give you a solution in the form of the best tea tree shampoo. The tea tree oil uses for hair are so many that we, at Tru Hair, offer a range of products that are designed to meet the needs of your hair.

While many of us know that tea tree oil is an amazing ingredient for hair care, most of us are doubtful about how to introduce it into our hair care routine. One of the easiest ways you can do that is with a Tea Tree Shampoo. There are many different uses and benefits. Here are the top 5.

Top 5 Benefits Of Tea Tree Shampoo

Treating dry scalp:

Tea tree acts as a natural conditioner. It eliminates agents that cause the scalp skin to flake and itch. It can even improve symptoms of ​​seborrheic dermatitis.

Fights dandruff:

Shampoo with tea tree is known to fight even the most stubborn dandruff effectively. One of the most-loved tea tree oil uses for hair is to fight dandruff because of its anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. These properties help clear the scalp of dandruff-causing fungus or microbes and even prevent it from occuring again.

Reduce excess sebum:

Excess sebum production by the scalp can block hair follicles. This makes the roots weak and trigger hair fall. Excess sebum can also cause dandruff. Tea tree shampoo uses its oil control properties to keep sebum production under control. 

Great cleansing action:

While tea tree extract in itself may dry out the scalp, the best Tea Tree Shampoo will have the right formulation that allows thorough cleansing without stripping the scalp of its natural oil. It has the ability to tackle even stubborn product build-up and dead skin cells.

Prevents hair loss:

Dandruff, rough handling of hair with constant itching, inflammation, etc, cause dandruff. Using a shampoo with tea tree can effectively tackle all these concerns. It uses the power of the anti-inflammatory property of tea tree to soothe the scalp and create the ideal environment for hair growth.

Improves hair growth:

Apart from controlling dandruff, reducing excess sebum, controlling inflammation, etc, this shampoo is also known to improve blood flow and allow the nutrients to penetrate deep into the follicles.

Balances hair pH:

Most over-the-counter shampoos alter the pH of hair. However, the best Tea Tree Shampoo can balance it as it matches the pH of hair.

Fights lice:

Lice is everyone’s worst nightmare! Once you find a single one on your scalp, you know its close to impossible to rid your scalp off it. But not when you have access to the best Tea Tree Shampoo. It uses its insecticidal effect to treat head lice. Using it regularly has proven 100% mortality.

Winter brings you mainly three hair problems – extreme dryness, stubborn dandruff, and Hagrid-like frizz. By switching to a Tea Tree Shampoo during winters, you can tackle all of these problems. The tea tree oil uses for hair includes controlling dryness by keeping the scalp moisturised. Extreme dryness also increases skin wounds, irritation, and frizz. This shampoo uses its intense nourishing properties to show effective results in improving hair health.

Apart from tackling winter hair problems, using this shampoo can prevent buildup, allowing your hair to grow at a normal rate. The antifungal and antibacterial properties help you get rid of whatever is causing dead skin on your scalp. The Tru Hair Tea Tree Shampoo is the best Tea Tree Shampoo as it is enriched with the goodness of not just tea tree extracts, but also aloe vera gel. This unique formulation helps prevent fungal infections while nourishing the hair and scalp. This Tea Tree Shampoo is a must-have in your winter hair care regimen. 

In Closing

While using a Tea Tree Shampoo in itself is highly beneficial, you can enhance the results by adding the Tea Tree Conditioner to your hair care routine. Using a conditioner after you wash your hair with the Tea Tree Shampoo will give you extra nourishment from tea tree. The Tru Hair Tea Tree Conditioner is made with tea tree oil, aloe vera gel, and shea butter. The addition of shea butter will intensify the moisturising benefits that tackle the intense winter dryness. 

Using a conditioner after shampooing with the Tea Tree Shampoo tames the hair, protects hair cuticles, prevents hair breakage, repairs the hair, and keeps it moisturised. Most importantly, during winters, our hair is subjected to harsh climatic conditions. This is why protecting your hair is most important during winters. A conditioner helps coat the hair with a protective layer. This allows you to step outside in the cold without having to worry about damaging your hair.

During winters it is absolutely essential that you do a little extra for your hair, and for this you can use the Herbal Hair Powder. This extraordinary mix of herbs gives your hair shine and nourishment. Make and apply the paste on your hair 30 minutes before your shower and allow Ayurveda to work its magic on your lovely locks!

Winter is tough on hair, but there is no reason to lose sleep over it! Relax. Take our 3 Factor Hair Analysis designed by our expert trichologists to determine the right ingredients for your hair and the perfect products suited to meet your needs.

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Dr. Tambe (Ayurvedic Practioner)

Dr. Tambe is an Ayurvedic Consultant, practicing in Satara City, Maharashtra for the last 45 years.He comes from a long line of Ayurvedic doctors. His grandfather and father were both Vaidyas, therefore he wanted to continue the family legacy.This year, his family will celebrate 100 years of Ayurvedic service.

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  1. Ruby
    February 2, 2021 at 10:54 am

    Too many people don’t know that scalp therapy shampoos for fast hair growth (obviously with no sulfates, no parabens or DEA) are even a thing. Folks are now able to experience longer hair and experience more alternatives. Definitely worth looking into it.

    Whether you’re studying alopecia, hair damage, avoiding scalp disorders, hair growth, hair health in general, similar thoughts apply.

    For the most part, you want to stay away from hair treatments and products that include chemicals like parabens, DEA and sulfates.

    What’s beneficial for your hair is beneficial for your skin as well.

    For obvious reasons the content on this page is spot on for various reasons. It avoids the usual traps and errors too many fall into: buying ineffective alternatives. Thank you!

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