Protein Serum for Hair

Hair serums are a hair care essential. Without a doubt. But why have hair serums gained so much popularity in recent times? Well, that isn’t true, hair serums have always been used by celebs and professional hair stylists; but it is only now that they have become accessible to everyone. Tru Hair is proud to bring you a hair serum that has a unique blend of novel ingredients like natural biotin, onions, hydrolysed pea protein among others that promote hair growth and also keep it frizz free and shiny!

The Tru Hair Protein Serum is a scientific formulation with biotin and onion extract that help in boosting hair health. The hydrolysed pea protein and amino acid help in promoting hair growth while caffeine helps in increasing microcirculation in the scalp. The Tru Hair Protein Serum also moisturizes and nourishes the hair. In short, this serum is the perfect tool in your hair care arsenal if you suffer from hair damage caused by heat styling, colouring or bleaching.

But one may wonder, how are serums different from oils, shampoos or conditioners since they seem to perform the same functions? But the fact is that serums work completely differently. They act on the hair with immediate effect and lock in the natural beauty of your hair by fighting off pollutants and damage caused by them. Of course, this also means that a lot of serums available in the market are pumped with chemicals that can possibly have damaging effects on the scalp and hair in the long run. But Tru Hair’s Protein Serum is a one of it’s kind product that is able to give your hair nourishment without any harmful chemicals, parabens or sulphates

Using the Tru Hair Protein Serum is very simple. Take 5-6 drops on your palm and gradually massage it into your scalp or put it on the area where you feel hair is thin and weak. Leave it overnight. Massage the serum deeply into your scalp for better absorption. Wash your hair the next day with Tru Hair Shampoo and conditioner. And that’s it. Simple, easy and effective.

At Tru Hair we believe that our customers need to get the best in hair care. When we launched the world’s 1st ayurvedic hair oil with a heater and saw the wonderful response, we pledged to continue on our mission to offer customers innovative solutions that bring modern solutions to our consumer’s hair care routine and Tru Hair Serum is a step in that direction!

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