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Hair is the most crucial part of your beauty. Both men and women need to take good care of their hair to have ever-lasting shining hair. To maintain the lustre of your hair, wooden combs are highly recommended. What is this wooden comb? How to clean a wooden comb? What are its benefits? All these will be clearly explained in this article to help you to take the best care of your hair.

A wooden comb is best for your hair as it efficiently distributes the natural oils from the scalp throughout your entire hair strands. It is non-stick and made of pure wooden material, and it leaves the hair tangle free and less greasy. You’ll experience a healthier shine and a much bouncy hair that is naturally moisturised. Cleaning wooden combs at home is easy, as you don’t have to follow any strict rules. If you tend a wooden comb without water, it will stay for a long period. To maintain a wooden comb in the right way, you need to read the article to have a clear picture.

What are wooden combs made from?

The wooden combs are made up of 100% natural neem wood. It offers a lot of benefits to the users. The neem wood has profound medicinal usage. It improves the health of the scalp intensely. The neem wooden comb helps distribute the spread of natural hair oil evenly, nourishes the hair, boosts blood circulation, detangles the hair, and even reduces hair breakage. The wooden comb is highly useful in all possible ways.

Different types of the wooden comb

A good comb is crucial even if you have tried the various costly products on your hair to keep it nourished. Combing your hair before going to bed is a great way to keep it healthy. Plastic or aluminium metal combs leave the hair curly and cause breakage that is normal. Switching to a wooden comb is a great way to keep your hair healthy. The question is, which wooden comb shall you use?

1: Organic pure Neem wooden comb

It is handcrafted using organic neem wood, known for its antiseptic properties. The fine bristle helps reduce dandruff, and it evenly distributes the natural oil from hair roots to the tip.

2: Paddle a wooden hairbrush

If you seek subtle waves and curls with an enviable volume, then the paddle type of brush is a great option. It is not a good idea for curly hair people, but it helps in the polished look of your hair.

3: Wide Tooth Design Comb

This smart wooden wide-tooth comb is the best option if you have curly hair. It helps circulate the natural oil and even detangles the hair strands easily. It is less invasive and allows the curls to retain their bounce.

4: Sheesham wood comb

It is a type of wood also known as The Indian Redwood. It is perfect for skin and hair. Using this Sheesham Wood comb for grooming your hair is a good regime. The comb will help spread the natural hair sebum produced on the scalp. As a result, it effectively promotes healthy hair and hair growth.

These are three top types of wooden comb that you can explore to keep your hair perfectly bouncy and straight.

What are the benefits of a wooden comb?  

A wooden comb with a wide-toothed variety is the most demanding item. It is the best comb for detangling the hair. Wooden wide-toothed combs are mainly used on wet, vulnerable hair to prevent hair breakage and loss. There is an ideal use of the wooden comb benefits, which are listed here:

1: It aids in maintaining your good scalp. It is used to trigger the acupuncture points on the scalp which aids in better blood circulation. This eventually leads to a healthier scalp, hair strength, and hair growth.

2: It Nourishes the Hair Locks. A wooden comb presses the natural oil and coats it naturally on the overall hair while improving the lustre of the hair.

3: It helps in Hair growth, eliminating the impurities. You can call it a perfect catalyst for the one who wishes to have long, healthy hair. It is mainly because the wooden comb increases the blood flow throughout the scalp.

4: It reduces greasiness. As it already states that the comb helps distribute the natural oil, the hair length gets good nourishment. It moderates the sebum production; it leaves out hair less oily and reduces the greasiness.

5: It is a great way to prevent hair loss and breakage. The comb glides smoothly through the hair strands; this helps in less breakage and damage. However, wood is a lousy conductor of electricity, and moreover, the friction is very less. Thus, the hair doesn’t produce any static and detangles the hair more quickly.

6: It reduces dandruff, eliminates the foreign particles and dirt. The finest wooden combs are a great way to fight off dandruff which stops recurrence; keeps the scalp irritation-free; reduces the foreign particles that tend to settle at the roots. Overall makes the hair nourishing.

7: It is Eco-friendly. Plastic combs not just damage your scalp and hair, but is also very harmful to the environment. On the other hand, Wooden Combs are eco-friendly and help you maintain a healthy scalp.

Why is it important to clean your hairbrush?

‘How to clean wooden comb?’ is a fundamental question to ask and answer. No matter how often you use your hairbrush or a wooden comb, it is advised to clean the comb at home in regular intervals as it can trap all sorts of residues in its bristles from the hair and the environment.

Believe it or not, the hair care products like the hair conditioner and hair spray leave some residue that builds up on the hair. It gets collected in the comb, and the bristles get sticky. Your brush contains the dead cells that transfer back to the hair as you do not clean it.

The hair sheds every day, and a lot gets collected on the brush. If the bristles are already coated with oily or sticky substances, then it damages your hair. Thus cleaning your hairbrush is highly important to retain good and healthy hair.

How to Clean Wooden Comb?

The matter of how to clean a wooden comb is easy, and there are two exciting processes which are mentioned below:

1: Clean wooden comb with water: You need to make a mixture of warm water, adding soap and oil to it. Soak the comb in the mix for around 2 to 3 minutes. Use a soft cotton cloth to wipe off the cleaning solution for the comb. Further, you can choose an old toothbrush to clean the bristles.

2: Clean wooden comb without water:  Often, it is necessary to avoid water to retain the longevity of the wooden comb. If you wish to clean a wooden comb without water, you can do it. Use a soft cotton cloth and dip the piece of material in a natural oil like olive oil or coconut, or jojoba oil, then rub this all over your wooden comb to remove the dirt. Use another clean cloth to rub it from the comb.

How often should you clean your brush?  

It entirely depends on the usage of the comb. There is no specific answer to this question. It is advised by the dermatologists that washing your hair comb at a gap of two weeks, is good for your hair, and the comb will be in good condition too. The visible benefits of using an organic wooden comb are a great way to combat hair loss.

Benefits of Cleaning a Wooden Comb

A simple way to start repairing your hair naturally is by switching your ordinary comb to a wooden one. Once you choose how to clean a wooden comb and how to maintain a wooden comb, all the benefits will be visible. The benefits of cleaning a wooden comb offer the following results.

  1. Retains the excellent quality for a long time
  2. Is gentle on your hair
  3. Naturally refreshes your hair
  4. Keeps the scalp healthy
  5. Eliminates greasiness
  6. Removes build up of products and foreign particles

1: How to clean a wooden comb without using water?

Use a soft cotton cloth. You need to dip the piece of cloth in a natural oil like olive oil or coconut, or jojoba oil. Rub this cloth all over your wooden comb to remove the dirt. You can use another clean cloth to rub it from the comb.

2: Can wooden combs get wet? 

Yes, it does get wet at the upper level. Although, it is made so that water doesn’t reach the complete base to damage the wooden comb as wood doesn’t react well to water. With smart manufacturing techniques, you can easily wash it with water without severe damage.

3: Does a wooden comb help the scalp or the hair?

The answer is both. In the initial stage, it nourishes the scalp, which eventually helps the hair get complete nourishment and detangles and retains the lustre.

To conclude, the complete structure of how to clean wooden comb and other important information are clearly stated for your consideration. Using high-quality and expensive products is not the only way to keep your hair healthy. In order to retain the beauty for a longer period, you have to use the wooden organic comb for the benefits it offers.

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