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Hair fall is a very common problem that many women face. It can make you feel self-conscious and unattractive. However, it is possible to control hair fall and keep your locks looking thick and healthy with a few simple steps. In this post, we will discuss the causes of hair fall in women and how to control hair fall for women using natural methods. So if you are struggling with this issue, read on for some helpful advice!

Causes of hair fall in women

Several factors can contribute to hair fall in women, including genetics, hair styling habits, and lifestyle choices. For example,

  1. One of the most common causes is genetics, as this can affect the growth cycle of hair follicles and make them more susceptible to damage or breakage
  2. Another key cause is poor dietary habits, which can lead to deficiencies in certain vitamins and minerals that are essential for healthy hair growth
  3. Skipping hot oil treatments is another reason for hair loss in women. Often women are so busy taking care of everyone else that they forget they need care too. If one indulges in a hot oil treatment twice a week, it’s doubtful for them to face hair fall issues
  4. If a woman experiences a rapid increase in hair shedding, this could be due to hormonal imbalances during pregnancy and menopause or medical conditions such as thyroid disorders and PCOS
  5. In addition, bad hair products or hair care practices, such as chemical hair treatments or frequent use of heat styling tools, can cause damage to the hair shafts and increase hair loss. 
  6. Furthermore, factors like stress and not taking enough rest can also negatively affect the overall health of the hair and speed up hair fall. 

hair fall causes

Fortunately, there are many things that women can do to protect against hair loss and help keep their locks strong and healthy for longer. Some effective strategies can help control hair fall for women and enjoy thick and beautiful hair for years to come!

How to control hair fall for women at home

If you are someone looking answers for “how to control hair fall for women naturally” then just letting you know that there are several simple steps that you can take at home to prevent and control hair fall. 

Healthy diet

One of the most important things to do is maintain a healthy diet. Eating a well-balanced diet that contains plenty of protein, fruits, and vegetables will ensure that your body gets all the nutrients it needs for strong, healthy hair. 

Neem wooden comb

Regularly combing your hair with a neem wooden comb can help to distribute the natural oils throughout your scalp and nourish your hair follicles, thus reducing the risk of hair fall.

neem wooden comb to control hair fall

Avoiding tight hair styles

Avoid tight hairstyles like ponytails, tight braids, or any other styles that pull on your hair too tightly. These styles can cause stress on the roots of your hair and increase the risk of breakage and hair loss.

Chemical-free styling

Use chemical-free styling products like heat protectant sprays and natural oils like argan oil or coconut oil to keep your hair healthy and hydrated. Using products that are rich in chemicals or harsh ingredients can damage your hair over time and lead to an increase in hair fall.

Stay hydrated

Drink plenty of water each day to stay hydrated from within and help keep your hair healthy and strong. Additionally, drink plenty of green tea, which is full of antioxidants that can help boost nutrient circulation in the scalp and reduce inflammation that might contribute to thinning or balding.

drink water to control hair fall

Stop stressing

Reduce stress in your life by practising relaxation techniques like yoga, deep breathing exercises, or meditation on a regular basis. Stress has been shown to increase cortisol levels in the body, which may contribute to increased thinning and balding over time. So lowering stress levels can be an important part of controlling hair fall at home.

Don’t over-style

You should also avoid certain habits that can contribute to hair loss, such as over-styling your hair or using harsh chemicals and dyes.

Scalp treatments

Another effective way to combat hair fall is through regular scalp treatments. There are many different treatments that you can try at home, including therapies like massaging your scalp with hot ayurvedic hair oils or applying nutrient-rich homemade hair masks made from ingredients like honey and green tea. 

hot oil treatment to control hair fall in women

Protection from pollution

Additionally, avoiding exposure to environmental toxins like pollution can help keep your hair healthy and prevent excessive shedding.

Products containing the right ingredients

You should ensure that the hair care products you are using contain the right ingredients for your hair. In case you are not aware of which ingredients would suit your hair type then take a free hair analysis on our website to identify the same.

Using products containing the right ingredients will help you reach your hair goal faster than ever and give permanent results.

Herbal solutions

Finally, you can use herbal solutions such as sage or rosemary leaves as a rinse after shampooing, which can help control excess oil production and reduce dandruff – another common cause of hair loss for women. 

With all these tips in mind, you can take control of your hair fall problem naturally and start feeling confident in your thick, lustrous locks. However you decide to approach controlling your hair fall at home, just remember that it’s totally possible with some simple lifestyle changes!

home remedies for post partum hair loss

Homemade hair mask for hair fall

Keeping your hair strong, glossy, and healthy can be a real challenge these days. With so many environmental factors working against us, it’s no wonder that millions of people around the world are struggling with hair fall. But luckily, there are a few simple hair masks that you can make at home to help stop this problem in its tracks. 

  1. Clay Mask- The first is a clay mask: simply mix equal parts fine clay powder (such as bentonite or rhassoul or fuller’s earth) with water to form a paste, then spread it onto dry hair down to the roots. Let the mixture sit for 15-20 minutes before rinsing out with warm water. This will help draw out toxins and impurities from your scalp while leaving your hair looking thicker and healthier.
  2. Mayonnaise Mask- Another great homemade remedy for hair fall is mayonnaise—yes really! Just slather it onto dry hair and leave it on for 30 minutes before rinsing it off with cold water. The egg yolks in mayonnaise contain fatty acids that nourish and moisturize each strand of your hair, helping to prevent breakage and stimulate growth. 
  3. Lemon Juice Mask- Finally, for those with oily scalps that cause excessive dandruff and itching, try making a lemon juice and olive oil mask—simply mix one part lemon juice into two parts olive oil, then work the mixture through your hair from root to tip. Leave it on for about 30 minutes before rinsing it off with shampoo and warm water. 

Try any of these masks regularly to help keep your hair naturally strong and free from falling out!

nuts and seeds

Foods that help reduce hair loss

There are many common foods and ingredients that can help to reduce hair fall in a quick and effective manner. 

  • One of the most well-known is coconut oil, which not only nourishes hair but also helps to strengthen weak follicles and prevent breakage. 
  • Other nutrients that can benefit the scalp and promote healthy growth include biotin, omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, and iron. These nutrients work together to promote thicker, healthier hair; for best results, making sure you are getting sufficient amounts of these elements through diet or supplements is key. 

So if you’re looking for a quick fix for reducing hair fall, look no further than these simple yet powerful natural ingredients! They’ll put an end to your shedding in no time.

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Foods and Fruits: 

  1. Foods rich in protein like eggs and nuts can help boost the production of hormones that strengthen follicles. 
  2. Additionally, fruits like oranges and berries are loaded with Vitamin C, a key nutrient for healthy locks. 
  3. Finally, essential fats found in fish and seeds can help promote circulation throughout the scalp while also lending an extra layer of protection against dryness and breakage. 

With these simple strategies in mind, anyone can take steps towards achieving stronger, healthier hair!


Though hair fall is a common problem, it doesn’t mean that you have to accept it as your fate. By following the steps outlined in this blog on “how to control hair fall for women”, you can control hair fall and keep your hair looking thick and healthy. So don’t give up hope – there are ways to get your Hair back on track!

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How can I stop my hair fall naturally?

From using a neem wooden comb to massaging your hair regularly, and eating a well-balanced diet, there are many ways to stop hair fall naturally and this blog covers them all.

How can I stop my hair fall immediately?

Applying perfectly heated warm oil to your scalp twice a week, eating a balanced protein-rich diet, and some lifestyle changes like avoiding tight hairstyles and using right products that are suitable for your hair type can help reduce hair fall immediately. 

What causes hair fall in female?

There are many causes of hair loss in females. From hormonal changes during pregnancy to busy stressful life and medical conditions. This blog covers all the possible reasons.

Which vitamin is best for hair fall?

Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, Biotin and Iron are a few vitamins that work in your favour if you have hair fall. 

Which oil is best for stopping hair fall?

An ayurvedic hair oil which is 100%natural and contains the right ingredients for your hair can help you stop hair fall. For faster results, ensure that you are applying perfectly heated warm oil to your scalp. You can use Tru hair oil heater for the same as it comes free with all our ayurvedic hair oils.

Which food prevents hair fall? 

Food rich in protein like eggs, nuts, pulses, or chicken and omega 3 like chia seeds, walnuts, or flax seeds, is helpful in preventing hair fall effectively.

Reviewed By Dr. Tambe (Ayurvedic Practioner) Dr. Tambe is an Ayurvedic Consultant, practicing in Satara City, Maharashtra for the last 45 years. He comes from a long line of Ayurvedic doctors. His grandfather and father were both Vaidyas, therefore he wanted to continue the family legacy. This year, his family will celebrate 100 years of Ayurvedic service.

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