Protein Serum for Hair
Tru Hair

Hair Serums: A guide to using the Tru Hair serum

Hair serums are a hair care essential. Without a doubt. But why have hair serums gained so much popularity in recent times? Well, that isn’t true, hair serums have always been used by celebs and professional hair stylists; but it is only now that they have become accessible to everyone. Tru Hair is proud to […]

Caring for Your Hair During Monsoon
Tru Hair

Caring for Your Hair During Monsoon

Ah, it’s that time of the year again; hours of rain, chai, pakoras and lovely company. Sounds just about perfect, but along with all the great things Monsoon brings with itself a set of hair problems as well. Dandruff, frizz and hair fall are the common hair problems you will notice during this season. But […]

7 Quick and Effective Remedies for Hair Growth
Hair Care

7 Quick And Effective Remedies For Hair Growth

Hair is an important part of a person’s everyday look, and a thick luscious mop of hair can do wonders for your confidence. Not only that, healthy hair which grows fast lets you play around with your hair and try out all the new hairstyles and trends on social media. There are plenty of easy […]

3 Factor Hair Analysis

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