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Name any hair problem and you will find, not one, but multiple hair products that allegedly help you treat it. Such is the hair care industry. From the basic shampoos and hair oils to serums that target specific hair issues, the hair care industry looks saturated. But how do you choose from this sea of products? 

Hair products market themselves by listing out all the reasons why you should buy them. But does your hair really need that product? When companies say that using their product will make our hair lustrous, long, strong, and cure your hair fall issues, all we hear is that this is a product that offers everything that will help our hair look like a dream. However, the truth is that different hair types have different needs. For example, if everyone who wants to improve hair texture uses the same product, it will affect each of them differently due to different hair needs.

This is why you first need to understand your hair before buying products for it. The path to understanding what your hair needs is through hair analysis.

Why You Need A Hair Analysis

A hair analysis will tell you more about your hair and what it needs to be healthier and achieve your hair goals. If you are thinking that you can simply choose a product that guarantees your hair goal, it might not always work.

For instance, a person with high blood pressure is given a medicine that is different from a person with low blood pressure. Even though the end goal is the same for both – to have normal blood pressure – the path leading to it is very different. Similarly, two people with the same hair goals might have to choose different products to achieve that goal.

There is such a thing as too much good. It is common knowledge that many nutrients like protein are important to maintain the health of your hair. However, if your hair has abundant protein, there is no reason why you should apply more. Knowing the exact ingredients that your hair requires will help you make smarter decisions when buying hair products.

A hair analysis helps you eliminate products from your shelf that do not work on your hair. If this makes you eager to understand your hair more, let’s find out where you can get a hair analysis done.

Hair Analysis From A Dermatologist

For severe hair issues like alopecia, infection, and more, you will need the help of a dermatologist or hair expert. The medical expert will provide you with medical treatments and supplements. To understand what treatments or medicines your hair needs, the doctor may do a series of visual examinations and advanced medical techniques.

Finding the source of the hair concern is important to rightly diagnose the problem. It could be because of genetics, environmental issues or other medical reasons. Topics regarding the history of the hair concern, your hairstyle, treatments, hair routine, medical history, food habits, and more may be discussed to understand the source of the problem.

The scalp and hair will be examined through various tests like the pull and plug test to understand the hair fall level and brittleness or the card test to analyse abnormalities in hair growth. Depending on the problem, other advanced tests to assess your scalp and hair might also be conducted. Since the health of your hair depends on your diet, the doctor might ask you to do a blood test to find if you have a deficiency in any important nutrients.

In a country like India, consulting a dermatologist for hair issues is not accessible to everyone. While it is important to see a doctor for severe cases, it may not be the most practical and affordable option for people that are dealing with common hair problems. But what other options are there to get your hair analysed professionally? If only there was a free hair type quiz for men and women that everyone could access.

Tru Hair 3-Factor Hair Analysis

Tru Hair, the leading hair care company that embraces the goodness of Ayurveda, offers free hair analysis for anyone wanting to know what ingredients their hair could benefit from. This 3-factor hair analysis developed by an expert Ayurvedic doctor analyses your demography, body type, and hair type to recommend ingredients and products that are best for treating the specific hair problems you face.

The best part about this hair type quiz for men and women is that the products suggested are made up of ingredients that your hair lacks and could benefit from. Unlike most over-the-counter products, Tru Hair’s recommended products are all free of sulphates, parabens, and any harsh chemicals. Made with rare Ayurvedic herbs and ingredients, these nutrient-packed products target your personal hair issue.

What Are The Factors Analysed In The Tru Hair 3-Factor Hair Analysis?

This simple hair analysis requires you to provide details about your demography, body type, and hair type through multiple questions and options. Demographic information like gender, age, place, and child status help Tru Hair provide user-specific products. 

Information about your hair type including the problems you want to solve, nature of your hair, nature of your scalp, hair volume, texture, and more are to be submitted to carefully analyse the health of your hair and how it can be improved.


Finally, information about your body type like your body frame, mental and physical stress, bleeding gums, ulcers, nail type, and food habits, help Tru Hair understand exactly the root cause of your hair problems are and what nutrients your body might be deficient in. With this detailed information that you can easily submit in under a minute, Tru Hair analyses your hair type, causes of your hair problems and provides the solution for it.

After a thorough analysis, Tru Hair recommends a list of ingredients that have the power to treat your hair problems. Tru Hair also recommends four products with ingredients that can solve your hair woes. 

Hair Products Recommended By Tru Hair

    1. Hair Oil: Tru Hair’s Oil with world’s first Ayurvedic oil heater is a nutrient packed elixir. This hair oil for men and women has the goodness of 13 rare Ayurvedic herbs that target multiple hair problems like hair texture, hair fall, breakage, split ends, dandruff, and more.
    2. Shampoo: Based on the hair problem that you face, the hair quiz recommends a shampoo whose key ingredient benefits your hair. This shampoo is free of sulphates, parabens and harsh chemicals. Harsh shampoos are often the reason why your hair is stripped of its natural oils. Using a gentle cleansing shampoo from Tru Hair removes all dirt without over-drying.
  • Conditioner: A beautiful mild conditioner that helps in controlling frizz, smoothen the hair and add a protective layer that will keep your hair safe from damage caused by pollution and dust. 
  1. Serums and Hair Masks: A serum is a concentrated blend of ingredients that help target a specific hair problem. It helps provide the extra help your hair deserves.
  2. Supplement: Apart from the three products, Tru Hair also provides a supplement free of cost! Haircare is not restricted to applying products to the hair, it also requires following a good diet. This supplement will ensure that your body gets all the right nutrients to make your hair healthier.

You can purchase all of these personalised hair care routine products by taking the simple 3-Factor Hair Analysis Test. Learn more about your hair and provide your hair with only the right ingredients. With the help of a hair analysis, you can throw away the harsh products that your hair does not need and replace it with the ones your hair needs and loves! 

 Reviewed By

Dr. Tambe (Ayurvedic Practioner)

Dr. Tambe is an Ayurvedic Consultant, practicing in Satara City, Maharashtra for the last 45 years.He comes from a long line of Ayurvedic doctors. His grandfather and father were both Vaidyas, therefore he wanted to continue the family legacy.This year, his family will celebrate 100 years of Ayurvedic service.

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