Hair loss can be distressing and a blow to our self-esteem. Many of us are willing to try just about anything to save our hair, searching for the perfect products on the internet and wasting a lot of money. It is quite natural to fret about hair loss but the truth is that hair loss is a common problem and it can strike anyone at any time. Unfortunately, you cannot stop hair from falling. However, you can definitely boost hair growth with Tru Hair Castor oil. A small dose of Tru Hair castor oil massaged into the hairline on a regular basis will thicken hair and amp up the shine.

How does Castor oil help your Hair Growth and improve your Hair texture?

  1. Antioxidant properties: Castor oil is a vegetable oil that is acquired by pressing the seeds of the castor oil plant or Ricinus. It consists of fatty acids and is rich in Vitamin E – an essential antioxidant that keeps your hair moisturized, healthy and promotes hair growth.
  2. Presence of Natural Keratin: The antioxidants present in castor oil provides the hair with natural keratin. It gives it an extra boost of strength reducing breakage. Therefore, one of castor oil’s major benefits is that it can help bring back those lustrous locks in no time.
  3. Anti-inflammatory properties: Castor oil is also extremely beneficial for those suffering from dandruff. The ricinoleic acid in castor oil is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. When you regularly apply castor oil to the scalp, it will help rebalance the PH level, which prevents the occurrence of dandruff and flaky skin.
  4. Boosts hair growth: Massaging castor oil gently into the hair roots is good for boosting blood circulation under the scalp. It ensures healthy, balanced skin and shiny, thick hair growth.
    Promotes healthy hair: Castor oil is an intense moisturizer that is sure to benefit dry and damaged hair. Regular use of castor oil helps lubricate the hair shaft, which increases the flexibility of the hair. If you are also dealing with dull hair, castor oil is sure to give your hair a lovely, long-lasting shine.
  5. Prevents hair follicle inflammation: Fatty acids are the secret formula of growing strong and thick hair. They also provide your hair follicles with essential proteins and nutrients, which help prevent hair follicle inflammation. The best way to provide your hair with fatty acids is by applying castor oil. It is a long-chained fatty acid and will help get rid of inflammation, which is often linked to hair loss.
  6. Increases the absorption of other hair products: This is a very less known fact that needs to be put out here. Including castor oil in your hair regimen, also helps other hair products to penetrate into the scalp more effectively. This will enhance the overall growth and health of your hair.
  7. Helps taming the Frizzy Hair & Split-ends: Castor oil functions as a very good lubricant and moisturiser. Hence it can help tame your frizzy mane, giving your hair a smooth look. Its emollient properties keep the frizz at bay and also makes your hair less prone to split-ends.

What does Tru Hair Castor Oil consist of?
1. Our experts at Tru hair have created the Tru Hair Castor Oil. Combining the goodness of castor oil along with other important ingredients like Japa Pushpa, Coconut oil, Cottonseed oil, Amla and Rosemary oil.
2. TruHair Castor Oil is perfectly suited for those looking to add the lustrous locks some extra nourishment. The Tru Hair Castor Oil is 100% pure and unrefined, giving you all of the benefits of natural oils, without added chemicals or synthetic substances.
3. When used regularly, this oil works to prolong the shine and smoothness. Thanks to the array of natural ingredients and of course, the magical castor oil.
4. This product is appropriate for both men and women.
It is suitable for all hair types and scalp conditions.

How to Use the Tru Hair Castor Oil?
1. For your hair to receive the benefits of each ayurvedic ingredient included in the Tru Hair Castor Oil, it is vital that you warm the oil before applying it to your hair. This step shouldn’t be skipped as hot oil is very beneficial for hair. To warm the oil to the right temperature (65 degrees), you can use the Tru Heater.
2. Once you have warmed the Tru Hair Castor Oil, work the oil from your scalp to the tip of your hair. Massage your scalp gently for 3 minutes and leave it on for an hour. Ensure you apply a generous amount of oil to your hair. Keep in mind the length of your hair and don’t apply too much of the product on your scalp. Remember less is more.
3. Castor oil is thick and sticky and can be a bit difficult to wash off. For best results, wash it off with Tru hair shampoo and follow it up with a conditioner.
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