rosemary essential oil
Hair Care / skin care

Rosemary essential oil: Benefits & side-effects

Rosemary essential oil is an aromatic oil derived from the rosemary plant’s leaves. Aromatherapy, personal care, and cooking are just a few of the uses for it. It has a strong, fresh, herbal scent and is thought to have several health benefits, including stress reduction and memory improvement. In addition to that, rosemary essential oil […]

best herbal shampoo for dry hair
Hair Care / Tru Hair

Best herbal shampoo for dry hair & hair fall

There are a lot of different factors that can cause dry hair, from using the wrong shampoo to not getting enough protein. If your hair is feeling brittle and lifeless, a herbal shampoo might be the answer to your prayers. These shampoos are made with all-natural ingredients, which means they won’t strip your hair of […]

neem wooden comb
Hair Care / Tru Hair

Which wooden comb is best for hair?

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to choosing the best wooden comb for hair. Combs come in all shapes and sizes, with different teeth widths and shapes, and each one has its own unique benefits. So which wooden comb is the best for hair ? Let’s take a look at […]

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