5 benefits of hair care oil
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8 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Dandruff Naturally

We have all fallen prey to dandruff in our lives and were sometimes restrained from wearing our favorite dark clothes to a party, just because of those little white flakes. Sometimes, in a meeting or in a family gathering, we tend to embarrass ourselves by scratching our heads because of unbearable itchiness over the scalp, […]

Applying Warm Hair Oil On Your Scalp
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The Benefits Of Applying Warm Hair Oil On Your Scalp

Early greying, hair fall, brittle hair, split ends, damaged hair are some of the problems we all experience in our everyday lives. These have reportedly been proven to be consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle, usage of harmful chemicals, pollution and hair care done wrong. Today, we will discuss just the last one. Warm hair oil […]

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Common Hair Problems And How To Deal With Them.

On average, a human loses 50-100 strands of hair every day. But that can vary with the season. For instance, many women experience greater hair fall problems during summers owing to high temperatures, humidity or dryness, and too many baths; while others may lose more hair during monsoon due to higher acidity in water. So let us […]

3 Factor Hair Analysis

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