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Hair Cleanser vs Shampoo: Which is Better?

For the literal millennia, it isn’t uncommon for people to struggle with the emotions that lead to experiencing hair loss. After all, the importance of hair in our lives is prime. Having good hair is a dream. To get such good hair, you must take care of your hair cleanser and hair shampoo. There is […]

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How to Apply Hair Mask: The Guide

While you spend more time at home, you get pampered a lot. Finding some order to attempt to maintain your good hair needs special attention. Working from home brought us a lot of time, and we worked to look after ourselves. One of the essential factors in caring about one’s beauty is hair. How to […]

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How To Clean Wooden Comb – The Guide

Hair is the most crucial part of your beauty. Both men and women need to take good care of their hair to have ever-lasting shining hair. To maintain the lustre of your hair, wooden combs are highly recommended. What is this wooden comb? How to clean a wooden comb ? What are its benefits? All […]

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Benefits of Oiling Hair Overnight

Haircare is crucial not only for your appearance but also the overall hygiene. If you have healthy hair, it will allow you the best to ensure a healthy scalp. It is vital to visit a reputable salon to keep your hair perfect. Before that, a primary restorative homely care for your Hair is above everything. […]

Castor hair oil
Hair Care / Tru Hair

How To Get Thick Hair With Castor Hair Oil

When it comes to growing thick, lustrous hair, maintaining a good hair care routine is imperative. But with all our attention mostly on skincare, haircare often takes a back seat. It is important to know that your scalp is an extension of your face and skin. So if you really want to have beautiful hair, […]

3 Factor Hair Analysis

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