Yes, TRU HAIR oil is good for the hair. It is the perfect amalgamation of 13 novel herbs that fight various hair issues like hair fall, reduces frizz, dandruff, adds shine and increases the blood flow. Applying this warm ayurvedic hair oil twice a week 2 hours before your shower will help your hair feel healthy and beautiful.

Absolutely! Heating oil is a tricky process, and often people tend to either overheat or underheat the oil, which is not good for your hair. The hair oil has to be at the right temperature, that is 65 degrees to get the goodness of the 13 novel herbs.

Hot hair oil massage is the most underrated technique to fight hair issues. There is an array of benefits that a hot hair oil massage offers. First and foremost, massaging your scalp with warm oil in circular motions will help blood circulation that affects hair growth. It also helps reduce stress, frizz, reduces hair fall and adds shine to your hair.

Yes, ayurvedic oil is beneficial for hair growth. The combination of herbs and the age-old technique of heating the oil increase the blood flow throughout the scalp, invigorating hair growth. For best results, apply the TRU HAIR ayurvedic oil 2 hours before you step into the shower.

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