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Tru Hair – Natural Biotin Shampoo – 200ml

(5 customer reviews)

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  • Natural Biotin is essential for hair growth. Enriched with Almond Extract, Vitamin E, the Tru Hair Natural Biotin Shampoo is your friend when it comes to nourishing your hair and combating hair fall. Treat your hair to the best that nature has to offer!
  • You can take our 3-factor hair analysis which will recommend the most ideal products for you based on your body type, hair type and demography. 
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After Hair wash with Tru Hair Shampoo apply the Tru Hair conditioner generously to wet hair from length to tips. Leave for 2-3 minutes & rinse thoroughly. For Extra Protection use Tru Hair Ayurvedic Warm Oil Therapy

Key Ingredients

Product Benefits

  • Fights hair fall
  • Gives hair volume


Why should I use the Biotin Shampoo?

Tru Hair Natural Biotin shampoo will enrich your hair with Vitamin H which is essential for the healthy growth of your hair!

Who can use this product?

 Everyone can use this product. Each of these products is made with an extraordinary blend of ingredients that are suited for all types of hair and scalp conditions. 

Is it suited for all genders? 

Yes, the product is suited for both men and women. 

How can I find out if this product suits me? 

You can take the 3-factor hair analysis to know if this product is the best product for you. Our algorithm developed by our trichologist is able to present to you the perfect combination of products that will suit the demands of your hair based on 3 factors; your hair type, body type and demography!


5 reviews for Tru Hair – Natural Biotin Shampoo – 200ml

  1. Rashmika Karimi

    We all know biotin is good for maintaining hair health and this shampoo from tru hair does the job pretty well. A must try I would say!

  2. Tanya Kaushiki

    I started using Natural biotin shampoo a couple of months back. It has reduced my hair fall and has also made my hair smooth and healthy.

  3. Likita Majumdar

    Tru Hair’s natural biotin shampoo works amazingly if you have frizzy hair that is prone to roughness. The rouh quality of my hair also led to a tremendous amount of hair fall everytime I combed it. After using this shampoo for around two months the quality of my hair has visibly improved. Likita Majumdar

  4. Sheetal Tomar

    I have incorporated Tru Hair products in my daily routine and I have been pretty regular with the biotin shampoo and oil. They are really good and have helped me reduce hair fall and improve the quality of my hair.

  5. Amayra Tripathi

    I love how my hair has transitioned from rough, dry, and frizzy to smooth, shiny and silky and this is all because of Tru hair’s natural biotin shampoo.

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