Tru Hair – Rice Water and Coconut Milk Shampoo + Conditioner – 200ml each

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Tru Hair – Rice Water and Coconut Milk Shampoo + Conditioner – 200ml each

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Why Tru Hair


Why should I use Tru Hair Fermented Rice Shampoo?

If you are facing problems like hair fall, dandruff, and hair breakage, traditional ingredients like rice water, coconut milk and aloe vera are known to be best for treating them. The Tru Hair Fermented Rice Shampoo can gently cleanse the hair while giving it all the rich nutrients it lacks for healthy hair.

Why should I use Tru Hair Fermented Rice Conditioner?

Conditioners have the ability to protect your hair and leave it smooth and shiny. The Tru Hair Fermented Rice Conditioner takes protection and repair to the next level with the help of ingredients like coconut milk, rice water, shea butter, and aloe vera. If your hair needs intense moisturisation, damage control, and an overall improved hair texture, use this conditioner post shampooing to see a significant change.

Who can use this product?

 Everyone can use this product. Each of these products is made with an extraordinary blend of ingredients that are suited for all types of hair and scalp conditions. 

Is it suited for all genders? 

Yes, the product is suited for both men and women. 

How can I find out if this product suits me? 

You can take the 3-Factor Hair Analysis to know if this is the best product for you.  The algorithm developed by our Ayurvedic doctor takes into account 3 factors;  demography, body type and hair type. The analysis will suggest the best Tru Hair products that will suit your hair needs based on the ingredients in them.

Is this item easy to use?

The instructions at the back of the product makes it easy for you to understand how to use it. 

Is it chemical free?

All Tru Hair products are completely free from paraben, sulphate, LLP and all sorts of harmful chemicals.

Is there any age bar?

No. People from all age groups can use our products as they are ayurvedic and contain no harmful chemicals.

Overall Rating ( 22 verified ratings )
  1. Samiksha Sharma

    This helps reduce frizziness, prevent scalp infections, reduce dandruff.

  2. Shruti Verma

    Awesome is an understatement.

  3. Shreyani Saha

    Getting rid of dandruff seemed to be impossible for me until I started using Tru hair fermented Rice Combo

  4. Ishan Ghosh

    I am in love with Tru hair fermented Rice Combo.

  5. Sreejesh Das

    Tru Hair literally saved my hair !! I love my strong & healthy Hair now.

  6. Swagata Behra

    Detangles the hair easily.

  7. Swagata Behra

    Detangles the hair with ease.

  8. Chetna Jain

    Has a very refreshing fragrance.

  9. Preeti Joshi

    It gives your hair a healthier look.

  10. Ranjan Kumar

    I’ve been using Tru Hair’s fermented rice water collection since one month. Pleasant smell, non sticky formula, it does what it promises. My hair fall has stopped, got rid of an itchy scalp and hair texture also improved. Nice to have in wardrobe.

  11. Karishma Batra

    The whole fermented collection of Tru hair is the perfect combination for my hair. Perfect. You should try it too.

  12. Kartik Ahuja

    My journey to get long hair started from Tru Hair.

  13. Vibha Saraf

    5 star

  14. Linda Mathew

    Penetrate damaged hair and repair it from the inside out.

  15. Vineeta Kumar

    Amazing, I can see the growth of my hair

  16. Anuj Patel

    Amazing, I can see the growth of my hair.

  17. Raghav Yadav

    Worth it! Try it!

  18. Shweta Bhardwaj

    It helps to promote hair growth and improve hair volume.

  19. Mayanka Bajoria

    I got the perfect Hair care products for my long hair.

  20. Ashish Wadhwa

    Makes my hair smoother after every wash.

  21. Kanika

    This shampoo & conditioner increases hair elasticity and volume to make hair stronger and healthier.

  22. Manvi Kumari

    My preferred combo. Love it!

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