Fermented Rice Water & Coconut Milk Hair Oil


Fermented Rice Water & Coconut Milk Hair Oil

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Key ingredients of Fermented Rice Oil for hair

  • Fermented Rice Water: Fights Hair Fall

  • Onion Juice: Fights Dandruff

  • Til Taila: Increases Hair Volume

  • Tea Tree Oil: Fights Scalp infections

  • Coconut Milk: Promotes Hair Growth

  • Coconut Oil: Nourishes Hair

Benefits of Fermented Rice Oil for hair

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Why should I use the Tru Hair Fermented Rice & Coconut Milk Oil?

If you are facing problems like hair fall, dandruff, dryness, and more, you need Ayurvedic ingredients that target the root cause of these hair problems and repair them. The Tru Hair Fermented Rice & Coconut Milk Oil has a blend of six rare Ayurvedic ingredients that fight multiple hair problems and protect it from further damage. Prepare a hot oil treatment using the Tru Heater and see the difference in hair growth and texture.

Overall Rating ( 23 verified ratings )
  1. Evelyn

    Very good for a relaxing massage.

  2. Ishita Dilip

    Apply it and take afternoon nap. You will see the results.

  3. Pritha Sharma

    This is such a good product.

  4. Nupur Pallavi

    This hair oil is loaded with natural ingredients and works efficiently for hair fall issues.

  5. Ruchita

    Fabulous coconut oil.

  6. Anuja

    This product is a Bliss!

  7. Pragna Gupta

    I’m really enjoying using this oil.

  8. Kirti Singh

    Great purchase.

  9. Mukesh Dalal

    It is a herbal product and all natural. It makes my hair strong.

  10. Riya Gogoi

    Using this hair oil from two weeks and I can see difference in my hair. It reduced my hairfall remarkably. Go for it . Its has pleasant fragrance.

  11. Akshata Dilip

    I’m reviewing this product after one month use. Pleasant smell, non sticky formula and and hair texture has also improved.

  12. Rohit Malik

    Lazy peeps! This is your go to. No running to the kitchen for heating your oil.

  13. Dr. Niruja Pandey

    Rice milk is highly rich in antioxidants, vitamin B, Vitamin E, and zinc. Combined with Tru Hair’s castor oil, this product is really impressive for hair growth.

  14. Priyanka Jindal

    This product by Tru Hair has a very strong smell.

  15. Sumana Sarkar

    I just used this tonight for the first time and I love it. My hair felt really clean and fresh.

  16. Sneha Bhattacharya

    Really appreciate Tru hair for bringing in the fermented collection.

  17. Rashi Khanna

    Jolly good product!

  18. Namrata Kundu

    I’m reviewing this product after one month use. Pleasant smell, non sticky formula, it does what it promises. My hair fall has stopped, got rid of an itchy scalp and hair texture also improved. Nice to have in wardrobe.

  19. Noushin


  20. Lucky Sharma


  21. Gogi Sharma

    Just purchased it. Will definitely share my feedback after use.

  22. Nazriya

    Recently purchased. Hoping for the best.

  23. Nupur Singh

    Works wonders on your hair.

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Infused with the goodness of Ayurvedic ingredients like fermented rice water, coconut milk, onion, til oil, coconut oil, and tea tree oil, this Tru Hair Fermented Rice & Coconut Milk Hair Oil is nothing less than an elixir. For centuries, these ingredients were used by our ancestors, resulting in their long, strong, lustrous hair. It is a lightweight oil that penetrates into the hair follicles to strengthen hair from within.

  • BEST RESULTS WITH HEATER: The Heater, that comes with the 110ml oil bottle, heats the oil to around 65° in about 4 mins. Massaging hot oil at 65° to your scalp and hair increases blood circulation in the scalp, strengthens your hair roots, and nourishes your hair with essential nutrients.
  • PROMOTES HAIR GROWTH: Tru Hair Fermented Rice Water & Coconut Milk Hair Oil is a combination of 6 novel herbs that helps promote hair growth. As a bonus, it is nonsticky and nongreasy, as well.
  • CONTROLS HAIR FALL: Tru Hair Fermented Rice Water & Coconut Milk hair oil helps increase shine, makes hair stronger, and controls hair fall.
  • Take our Free 3 Factor Hair Analysis which will recommend the most ideal products for you based on the ingredients present in them.
  • Quantity: 100ML.
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