Fermented Rice Water Conditioner – 200ml


Fermented Rice Water Conditioner – 200ml

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Key ingredients of rice water conditioner

  • Fermented Rice Water: Repairs Damage

  • Shea Butter: Detangles & conditions the Hair

  • Aloe Vera Gel: Nourishes the Hair

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Benefits of rice water conditioner

Why Tru Hair & Skin


Why should I use Tru Hair Fermented Rice Conditioner?

Conditioners have the ability to protect your hair and leave it smooth and shiny. The Tru Hair Fermented Rice Conditioner takes protection and repair to the next level with the help of ingredients like coconut milk, rice water, shea butter, and aloe vera. If your hair needs intense moisturisation, damage control, and an overall improved hair texture, use this conditioner post shampooing to see a significant change.

Overall Rating ( 24 verified ratings )
  1. Anirudh Ajayan

    I’m loving this for my hair.

  2. Ravi Kiran

    It really helped me out with my damaged hair.

  3. Aparajita Maitra

    It approves the elasticity of your hair.

  4. Thomas Lukose

    This is a super moisturizer.

  5. Rimpi Desai

    Amazing conditioner . Fragrance is fantastic, must buy!!

  6. Kashi

    Am completely satisfied with this conditioner. You can feel a different sensation in your hair after the first wash.

  7. Survi Chawla

    It’s very moisturizing and really makes your shiny and soft.

  8. Soumita Chatterjee

    Increases shine and controls dryness.

  9. Tanu Mishra

    It’s sulphate-free and organic. It does not harm the hair and leaves it smooth after washing.

  10. Adheesh Jain

    Very light and it soothes out the excessive dust and grease. Use at least twice in a week to get the best of the results.

  11. Moumita Sarkar

    Cost effective as well as benefits your hair.

  12. Aliya

    Very effective for your hair.

  13. Megha Mandi

    Hair conditioner with moisture, baby! Perfect for moisturing and nourishing your scalp.

  14. Vasudha Chathurvedi

    Shiny, sparkly, smooth. Three S’s of tru hair’s fermented rice conditioner.

  15. Ishika Gaur

    This conditioner by Tru Hair makes my hair silky smooth and tangle-free.

  16. Debankita Das

    3 stars.

  17. Aman Hiranandani

    4 stars.

  18. Seema Kumari

    The whole fermented collection of Tru hair is the perfect combination for my hair. Perfect.

  19. Gursparsh

    Above average!

  20. Arnab Poddar


  21. Natasha Pandal

    This is unlike other conditioners. It has a cooling effect on your hair and helps strengthen weak, damaged & brittle hair.

  22. Khushboo Agrawal

    Conditioners are the unsung heroes. They are the most effective in softening your hair.

  23. Akash Dey

    A must buy.

  24. Nasreen Khan


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We have combined the goodness of Rice Water and Coconut Milk, to bring you a conditioner that leaves your hair smooth and shiny. Coconut milk is known to nourish the hair and strengthen the hair follicles whereas rice water helps in adding extra shine to your hair. This nourishing blend of Ayurvedic ingredients in the Tru Hair Fermented Rice Conditioner is sure to protect your hair from further damage and make it softer and silkier with regular use.

  • INFUSES NUTRIENTS IN EVERY STRAND: The protein-rich formula of the best fermented rice conditioner infuses nutrients into your hair strands and makes it strong from within while making it soft, shiny, and worth your money.
  • DAMAGE CONTROL: The Tru Hair Fermented Rice and Coconut Milk conditioner help strengthen the hair follicles and repair damaged hair.
  • INCREASES HAIR ELASTICITY: The Tru Hair Fermented Rice Conditioner increases hair elasticity and volume to make hair stronger and healthier.
  • Take our Free 3 Factor Hair Analysis which will recommend the most ideal products for you based on the ingredients present in them.
  • Quantity: 200ML.
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