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Tru Hair Oil with Heater – 110ml

(27 customer reviews)

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  • Enriched with the goodness of 13 rare herbs, Tru Hair is the world’s 1st Ayurvedic hair oil with a Tru Heater. Designed and manufactured in India, Tru Hair heater is an innovative solution that heats the oil to around 65 degrees in around 4 minutes. 
  • This special formulation nourishes hair by penetrating the scalp and fights hair fall, dandruff and premature greying, ensuring healthy, lustrous hair. Experience the magic of true Ayurveda with Tru Hair
  • You can take our 3-factor hair analysis which will recommend the most ideal products for you based on your body type, hair type and demography. 
  • Quantity: 110ml
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Key Ingredients

Product Benefits

  • Fights hair fall
  • Delays premature greying
  • Combats Split ends and dandruff


Who can use this product?

Everyone can use this product. Each of these products is made with an extraordinary blend of ingredients that are suited for all types of hair and scalp conditions. 

Is it suited for all genders? 

Yes, the product is suited for both men and women. 

How can I find out if this product suits me? 

You can take the 3-factor hair analysis to know if this product is the best product for you. Our algorithm developed by our trichologist is able to present to you the perfect combination of products that will suit the demands of your hair based on 3 factors; your hair type, body type and demography!

27 reviews for Tru Hair Oil with Heater – 110ml

  1. Vibha Anand

    I had a pretty bad dandruff problem, but after using truhair oil, its definitely reduced

  2. Sahiba Sharma

    It is made from all-natural ingredients, the Hair Oil does not do any harm & is suitable for all hair types. And the heater helps you heat the oil very quickly. Worth every penny!

  3. Nisha Yadav

    It is full of nature’s goodness so makes hair strong from the inside & shinier on the outside. Also, it is coming with a heating device that promotes the usage of warm oil. It is making hair healthier and stronger.

  4. Swarupa Singh

    Truhair is the best oil I have used so far. My hair looked so rough before, now it has so much shine and the best part is it is all herbal. And the heater is also great.

  5. Madhur Mittal

    TRUHAIR is the best hair oil I used to date. It makes your hair strong and shiny. And the bonus is it comes with an oil heater, which is very helpful. overall love the product.

  6. Kavya Kanagotgi

    I have received true Hair oil as a gift. I really like the product. The scent of the oil is awesome. After applying 3 times oil to my hair I can already see a slight difference. Once oil gets heat for the required temperature it will automatically get off. Great product.

  7. Shreya Shukla

    This truhair oil is a complete treatment for all the hair problems like hair fall, dandruff, etc. It feels lightweight and non-greasy. The smell is also not strong. I am fully satisfied with this oil!

  8. Ananya Panday

    I would like to take a moment and thanks Tru hair for this brilliant hair oil. It has onion and aloe vera that is really helpful to maintain your hair. Also, it comes with a heater which is an add on! The results I have seen so far on my hair are worth noticing and would love to recommend this to all my near and dear ones.

  9. Lishita Malhotra

    It’s been a month since I started using truhair and so far I’ve seen slight improvement. I’ve read that it takes 3 months for it to make a real difference, so will have to wait and watch.

  10. Arunima Chaudhary

    This onion oil from tru hair comes with a heater and it is a must buy product. Using it for 4 months now. Amazing results!

  11. Priya Yadav

    This oil is really a steal since it comes with a heater and warm oil really helps in nurturing the scalp. The quality of my hair has improved and am really very happy using it.

  12. Simran Bhalla

    Tri hair oil is fantastic Oil and the container heats it well. Would recommend this product to one and all.

  13. Yamina Ali

    I have been using truhair oil for some time now. It’s very helpful for hair fall. I do not have very dense hair, so my scalp is partly visible all the time. After using TruHair oil it looks pretty dense. Gives a pretty good shine also. The oil heater is pretty helpful. It prevents overheating of the oil.

  14. Aishwarya Kiran

    Tru Oil is a unique product with and well thought to apply a warm hair oil. Overall a great product.

  15. Meghana S

    The oil is good, but the heater stopped working after a month.

  16. Shweta Luthra

    It is one of the best hair oil brands that I came across, the reason being it comes with a heater that helps in heating. Also, I have been using it for the past month and it is really effective for dandruff problems.

  17. Rhea Jhol

    Tru Oil is a very nice product for this price and my hair fall is also reduced. Also, oil is non sticky & oil heater machine is also working in good condition to make hair shiny.

  18. Priya Singh

    Tru hair is one of my favorite brands and their hair oil is now a part of my daily routine. Their hair oil heater has just acted like the cherry on the cake and I am definitely recommending their products to everyone out there. It’s also extremely pocket friendly.

  19. Savvy Singh

    Good product!

  20. Priya Seth

    My sister has been using a truhair oil heater with the oil. It worked wonders in terms of the hair fall, it has decreased and it has also given a great structure to her hair which was pretty damaged.

  21. Anupama Singh

    I was suffering from tremendous hair fall when my friend recommended tru hair oil to me. I have been using tru hair oil with a heater for the last 3 months. Using oil heating really enhanced the quality of my hair and also reduced my hair fall.

  22. Mitali Raj

    Just love the aromatic smell of tru oil and the new heating device is also good. Hair feels super soft after washing. Great product.

  23. Abhilasha Pandey

    I saw that the product is vegan and cheap so picked it up. Honestly, its great value for money! The heater is a great concept.

  24. Sujana G Nayak

    Tru Oil is a great product and helps you to get dense and shiny hair. Loving the product.

  25. Srinidhi H.

    The oil seems fine, but my heater stopped working in less than a month.

  26. Kashish Kumar

    What I like most about this product is that it’s completely natural and vegan. and comes with an oil heater. My daughter and I both apply it to our hair and after 2 months of using this, our hair fall has reduced.

  27. Omama

    Good oil for hair

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