Tru Hair – Onion Hair Oil

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Tru Hair – Onion Hair Oil

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  • Tru Hair Onion Oil contains Onion, Saurabhanimba, Methi,  Rosemary, Hibiscus,  Brahmi, Bhringaraj, Amlaki, Manjishta, Mehendi leaves, Useera and Coconut oil (base). It is an amazing formulation for those looking to combat various hair issues like hair fall, dandruff while also adding shine to your hair.
  • You can take our 3-factor hair analysis which will recommend the most ideal products for you based on your body type, hair type and demography.
  • Quantity: 100ml
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What are the advantages of using onion oil?

Onion oil is known to combat greying hair, dandruff and various hair issues. Warm oil therapy is known to further boost hair growth and add shine.

Who can use this product?

 Everyone can use this product. Each of these products is made with an extraordinary blend of ingredients that are suited for all types of hair and scalp conditions. 

Is it suited for all genders? 

Yes, the product is suited for both men and women. 

How can I find out if this product suits me? 

You can take the 3-Factor Hair Analysis to know if this is the best product for you.  The algorithm developed by our Ayurvedic doctor takes into account 3 factors;  demography, body type and hair type. The analysis will suggest the best Tru Hair products that will suit your hair needs based on the ingredients in them.

Overall Rating ( 14 verified ratings )
  1. Radhika Ojha

    If you are looking for onion hair oil, tru hair is something you should try considering since it has really helped me fight dandruff and hairfall both. Brilliant product there!

  2. Nikita Srinivas

    Tru hair’s onion hair oil is an amazing hair oil to reduce hair fall and premature greying. I have been using it for a long time. It gives amazing results.

  3. Ravi Sharma

    I start getting terrible dandruff in the winters because of the dry weather. I bought Tru Hair onion hair oil after hearing about it from a colleague. There is a tremendous improvement in the quality of my hair and the dandruff is also almost gone.

  4. Roopal Sharma

    Tru hair Onion hair oil nourishes hair by penetrating the scalp and fights hair fall, dandruff and premature greying, ensuring healthy. This is an amazing product and a must-try for anyone who is facing hair fall or dandruff.

  5. Rumaniya Taj

    I was facing a lot of dandruff and split end issues and I was advised by a friend to Tru Tru hair’s onion hair oil. It has really helped me combating split ends and even my dandruff has reduced a lot of late. Simply amazing!

  6. Shamili Singh

  7. Urvashee Singh

    This oil is just wow! My hairfall is gone and my hair is now so soft and vibrant

  8. Nikita Raut

    It suited my hair very nicely. Such a nice oil with goodness of onion and other ayurvedic products.

  9. Priya Babu

  10. Shani Shivarajan

    I wanted a good ayurvedic onion oil and here I am.

  11. Tanvita Shetty

    5 stars

  12. Tina

    5 stars

  13. Simran Dhanwani

    3 stars

  14. Sonali Bhadra

    Definitely makes your stronger from the core and therefore reducing hairfall

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