Shampoo Sample Combo – 15ml each

Shampoo Sample Combo – 15ml each


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Our range of ingredient-based shampoos is specially curated by a team of ayurvedic doctors and hair specialists to ensure you get the best results for your specific hair problem like dandruff, hair fall, premature-greying, and split-ends!

1) Removes build up- All our shampoos contain aloe-vera which ensures that the scalp build-up is removed without making it dry and brittle.
2) Free from harmful chemicals: All Tru Hair products contain natural ingredients and have 0% parabens, sulphates, LLPs & other harmful chemicals.

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Every time a person makes a purchase of any product on Tru Hair & Skin website they will be part of donating 1 Menstrual Cup for someone in need. Let's make menstrual hygiene accessible for every woman in India.

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