Our Story

We at Tru Hair understand millennials’ need for a fast-paced convenient life and Their need for thrifty solutions.

We are a millennial company! 

When we started in early 2020, we started with the simple idea of helping people embrace Ayurveda in their everyday lives in a simple but effective way. Our first product, ‘Tru Hair Oil’, is the world’s first hair oil that comes with a heater. This simple innovation motivated lakhs of people to pick up the product and enjoy the benefits it offered. 

We believe that we must treat the source of the problem rather than a symptom, and our research has shown that individuals suffering from hair issues often suffer from other problems as well. This is why we envisioned the 3-factor semi customisation feature. By analysing your lifestyle, demography, hair type and body type, our algorithm developed by our trichologist suggests the right mix of products to combat hair issues. With a range of sulphate, paraben, LLP and cruelty-free products we are hoping to give consumers a taste of high-quality products with great prices that’s best suited for their lives.

3 Factor Hair Analysis