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Heated Oil - True Essence

Heating oil is a tricky technique, and overheating or underheating the oil can result in damaging the scalp or loss of natural extracts from the oil. This is where TRU HEATER excels, feel the goodness of 13 novel herbs at the right temperature. TRU HEATER warms the oil at around 65 degrees within around 4 mins.


Why Tru Hair

Our warm hair oil is prepared based on our ancient Ayurvedic script. It is a combination of 13 novel herbs with age old heating practice. It provides the following benefits:

Increase Blood Circulation

Warm oil increases blood flow in the scalp and promotes healthier hair. Thus, massaging with your scalp with Tru Hair oil reduces hair fall as well as invigorates new hair growth.

Reduces Hair Fall and Frizz

Our Ayurvedic oil moisturises your hair from within, and seals the follicle ends, thereby preventing split ends and boosts hair growth.

Fights Dandruff

Our hair oil is rich in Vitamin A and C which help prevent itchiness of the scalp. It penetrates into scalp and provides nourishment. Henceforth, prevents dandruff.

Delays Greying of Hair

Warm Tru Hair oil has properties to strengthen the roots of the hair and fight premature greying of hair.

Adds Shine to your Hair

Massage your hair with our warm ayurvedic oil on a regular basis to have a shinier and lustrous hair.


Tru Hair Oil -Shop with a cause

When you make a purchase on the website, 5% of the bill goes towards education for the girl child. Our Charity partners - Humanity Foundation of India, is an NGO working to uplift humanity, has dedicated its efforts in the field of women empowerment, rural development, child education, environmental protection and animal welfare.

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Dandruff, now at a mile distance

Like many others, I’ve been having a persistent dandruff problem for ages. TRU HAIR changed it all for me and finally, in years I feel confident and can wear a dark colour shirt without a care!
Akshita Chaturvedi ● Delhi

Heat the oil with ease

I’ve always known the benefits of heating the oil but doing it in a dish was always challenging as there were chances of overheating and losing oil’s essence! TRU HEATER indeed came as a blessing for me as it is as simple as charging my phone! I have heated oil at my disposal in minutes now.
Sneha Ponugoti ● Hyderabad

The end to my Hair Fall saga

Being in the construction sector for the past 8 years, dust and pollution are now a daily part of my life. This obviously resulted in hair fall that scared me to no end. This is when I started using TRU HAIR on my friend’s suggestion. Not just did it stop hair fall, but also improved the look of my hair. I wish someone told me about TRU HAIR earlier!
Rohan Kumar ● Bengaluru

Shiny and Bouncy Hair, all day

My hair always lacked the natural shine and bounce. Having tried many home remedies and beauty products, I was still not satisfied with the end result. TRU HAIR changed it all for me and now my hair looks better and feels better and it has done a world of good to my confidence.
Apoorva Reddy ● Hyderabad

Nourishing hair with Ayurvedic elements

Ayurveda is something I swear by as I use only natural products. I’ve been using TRU HAIR for quite some time now and I feel that I do not need any other product for hair as it takes care of not just the sheen but also the health of my hair.
Satya Kolluri ● Vizag

Over-heating oil no more

I came across TRU HAIR recently and was quite intrigued by its TRU HEATER. Manually heating the oil was always a challenge which is why I went out and gave the heater a shot! TRU HEATER is indeed a blessing as all it takes is a few minutes and is quite a practical little device.
Paridhi Singh ● Mumbai