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Ayurvedic Solution For Hair Fall

Ancient sciences across the world is a treasure of wisdom, but in our busy lives, we are unable to engage in ancient practices. At Tru Hair & Skin, we combine Ancient Sciences with Modern Technology to improve our customers Experience. We developed World's 1st Hair Oil with Heater (Patented), and World's 1st personalised 3 Factor Skin & Hair solution.

What makes us different

0% Cruelty

0% Sulphates

0% LLP & Parabens

0% Harmful Chemicals

0% Genetically Modified Ingredients

Your Personalised Hair Care Products now comes with a

Free Nutritional Hair supplement

3 Factor Analysis

Our 3 Factor customisation ensures that your Hair & Skin gets the best care you deserve. By analysing your Lifestyle, Demography ane Hair/Skin type, our algorithm developed by doctors is able to suggest the products based on ingredients that will suit your unique needs.


What is buy 1 Donate 1

Every time a person makes a purchase of any product on Tru Hair & Skin website they will be part of donating 1 Menstrual Cup for someone in need. Let's make menstrual hygiene accessible for every woman in India.



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