At Tru Hair & Skin, we believe in wellness of the body, mind and soul. We
believe that to be truly happy, we need to do more than take care of ourselves,
we need to do something for those in need.
We encompasses the spirit of community and giving back. We have
collaborated with multiple charity partners who are involved in various social
activities that are envisioned to serve humanity. Whether it is our products or
our causes, we want to ensure that all stakeholders get the absolute best.
One of our partners, Humanity Foundation of India, is an internationally
acclaimed N.G.O working for development in the social & economic horizon.
The NGO was established in 2004 with a vision of serving humanity through its
objectives and mission to serve, help, and care for unprivileged people.

Any purchased made on Tru Hair & Skin website, 5% of the bill (this is before
tax and courier bill) will be donated towards the following things:

What is buy 1 Donate 1

Every time a person makes a purchase of any product on Tru Hair & Skin website they will be part of donating 1 Menstrual Cup for someone in need. Let's make menstrual hygiene accessible for every woman in India.