Onion Shampoo + Conditioner

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Onion Shampoo + Conditioner

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Why Tru Hair & Skin


Why should I use onion shampoo?

Tru Hair Onion Shampoo is a wonderful product to ensure that your hair is receiving the nourishment that it needs. Tru Hair Onion Seed Shampoo is Paraben-free, LLP free and Sulphate- free. It combats greying hair and hair fall.

Who can use this product?

 Everyone can use this product. Each of these products is made with an extraordinary blend of ingredients that are suited for all types of hair and scalp conditions. 

Is it suited for all genders? 

Yes, the product is suited for both men and women. 

How can I find out if this product suits me? 

You can take the 3-Factor Hair Analysis to know if this is the best product for you.  The algorithm developed by our Ayurvedic doctor takes into account 3 factors;  demography, body type and hair type. The analysis will suggest the best Tru Hair products that will suit your hair needs, based on the ingredients in them.

Why is Onion good for hair?

Onion is extremely beneficial in combating various hair issues like dandruff, premature greying and hair loss. Using products with onion not only helps in boosting hair growth but also keeps hair shiny and silky!

Why should I use a conditioner?

A conditioner is an extremely important element when it comes to hair care. While shampoo works on cleaning the scalp, a conditioner helps in keeping your hair silky and smooth. 

Is this item easy to use?

The instructions at the back of the product makes it easy for you to understand how to use it. 

Is it chemical free?

All Tru Hair products are completely free from paraben, sulphate, LLP and all sorts of harmful chemicals.

Is there any age bar?

No. People from all age groups can use our products as they are ayurvedic and contain no harmful chemicals.

Overall Rating ( 18 verified ratings )
  1. Bettina Edwin

    If pictures could only be uploaded, I could show you how effective this combo is.

  2. Tara Chawla

    Makes your hair flourish and manageable.

  3. Manjula Paul

    The onion shampoo and conditioner combined with their oil are just amazing.

  4. Manisha Jain

    It really gives your hair a shiny glossy effect.

  5. Meenakshi

    I was skeptical before trying Tru hair’s products as I though it was specifically for women but its a unisex product and it has been really effective for me.

  6. Nafisa

    I’m quite happy with the product as it lathers very well. I usually apply it for 5 to 7 mins. It washes off easily as well.

  7. Mukhtar

    It really works. Tru to its name. You get the catch!

  8. Gaurav Pansare

    10 out of 5!

  9. Shabana Mateen

    My hair was always dangled up but this product made it smooth and silky.

  10. Barkha Kashyap

    Thank you Tru hair. My hair has become lustrous as ever.

  11. Laxmi Malakar

    It helps in reducing hairfall and decreases hair frizziness. Makes hair smooth.

  12. Shahla Begum

    The smell isn’t too great but kuch paane ke liye kuch khona padta hai.

  13. Karan Sindhu

    Onion combo is a must. It is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and has antiseptic properties. I have been using an Onion Oil from “Tru Hair” free from all harmful chemicals. It has really been helpful in maintaining my hair.

  14. Rashmi Nayak

    Every deed takes some time. It will work just give it some time like use it for minimum 2 months.

  15. Ann Marie Kutty

    The shampoo & conditioner works on your hair to cleanse away build-up and improve quality of strands.

  16. Rupali Rajput

    Contains no parabens, sulphates, colour or silicones.

  17. Jyoti Nabiyal

    My hair was pretty damaged and has a very rough texture. Using the shampoo has really helped in improving the texture and has also helped with the hair fall.

  18. Aparupa Banik

    Been using this combo since and I would highly recommend everyone.

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  • DETANGLES THE HAIR: The conditioner contains Shea Butter which makes the hair manageable and frizz free.
  • BOOSTS HAIR HEALTH: Onion juice boosts hair health by combating hair fall and fortifying the hair while dealing with dandruff.
  • NOURISHES THE HAIR: The unique formula in these products contains Aloe Vera that nourishes the hair and makes it smooth and silky.
  • Take our Free 3 Factor Hair Analysis which will recommend the most ideal products for you based on the ingredients present in them.
  • Quantity- 200ML each bottle
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